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My Favorite Valentine's Date Places ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Published on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section, February 12, 2012

My Favorite Valentine's Date Places

It’s two days to The Big Day and I still don’t have a date.

To give up or not to give up?

Give. Up.

Valentines Day. It’s just so CAPS LOCK OVERRATED.

Still, I feel somewhat obligated to come out with a list for all the hopeless lovey-doveys out there. (Some people just don’t get it. Sigh.)

So here’s my list of places. Guys, PLEASE call ahead for reservations (it’s total turn off if you don’t). Impress your girl by ordering for her. For your reference, I’m including all the dishes I want my non-existent date to order for me.

You’re welcome very much!

Antonio s in Tagaytay
1. Antonio’s
For the fun and outdoorsy babe

Drive up to Tonyboy’s Tagaytay restaurant for an enchanting evening. The immaculate interiors, the lush greens, dining on excellent food under starry, starry night… I guarantee you she’s gonna swoon with delight. Ordering in Antonio’s is very easy, just pick an entree and you have a full course meal that includes house salad, soup and your choice of dessert. The Herbed Roasted Rack of Lamb with Cardamom Beurre Blanc with Pumpkin Sage Risoni is always a favorite. When you’re not looking, she will grab the tender chops with her hands and suck them bones dry. And because she is such ravenous darling, reward her with Steak Tartare and an extra side of Pan Seared Foie Gras to go with her salad. The Dark Chocolate Souffle always seals the deal.

IMG 9059
House Salad with Pan Seared Foie Gras

IMG 9097
Steak Tartare

Rack of Lamb with Cardamom Beurre Blanc with Pumpkin Sage Risoni
Herbed Roasted Rack of Lamb with Cardamom Beurre Blanc with Pumpkin Sage Risoni

IMG 9101
Dark Chocolate Souffle

Antonio’s is located at Purok 138, Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay City, Cavite. Tel: +63917-8992866
Read about Antonio's here, here, herehere, and here.

The Fireplace at Hyatt Hotel  Casino
2. The Fireplace
For the classy and carnivorous babe

It is the warm and elegant setting, the pile of wood and the Beech oven… You just know right away this is THE place for great steaks. Start your meal with a rich, tasty bowl of Lobster Bisque. It’s off menu, but I’m sure they will accommodate special requests on special occasions. Share the Millionaire’s Salad, it’s got prawns, scallops, Portobello mushrooms, foie gras and all the good things you’ll want on top of healthy fresh greens. And then the steak. Go for the US Angus Rib Eye. Or the Wagyu Tasting for the splurge. Warning: If you don’t want to spend the rest of the night fighting, do NOT suggest sharing! End the meal with the sinful and decadent Chocolate Soup.

IMG 3905
Lobster Bisque

IMG 9513
Millionnaire's Salad

US Prime Rib Eye
US Angus Rib Eye

IMG 9538
Chocolate Soup

The Fireplace is located at 5/F Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, 588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar, Malate, Manila. 
Tel: +632-2451234
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The Goose Station Fort Bonifacio
3. The Goose Station
For the modern and sexy babe

Forget roses. Present her with the daintiest bouquet of foie gras mousse. It’s more practical, and tastes so much better. Plus it’s so smooth and buttery you’ll hear her little moans of pleasure. Hit second base with the Caviar Surprise. Avruga caviar, king crab, white asparagus cream, prawn jelly… fresh and clean flavors of the sea. Go all the way with the 24-Hour Steak, sous-vide until soft and tender like a newborn baby, every mouthful is an explosion of macho beef umami. The Strawberry Sorbet is one sexy martini glass filled with different textures of strawberry goodness – smoked compote, sorbet, granita and chips. The flavors are so happy and vibrant it feels like eating a rainbow.

IMG 9588
Foie Cone

IMG 7533
Caviar Surprise

24 Hour Steak
24-Hour Steak

IMG 9101
Strawberry Sorbet

The Goose Station is located at the Ground Floor, W Tower, 39th Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 
Tel: +63917-8546673
Read about The Goose Station here, here, here, here, herehere, and here.

Champagne Room at The Manila Hotel
4. The Champagne Room
For the feminine and charming babe

The pale yellow, crystal palm trees and pretty flowery prints will make her feel like a prim and proper lady. She’ll suddenly feel the need to lower down her voice, bat her lashes, and whisper like how English ladies do at afternoon tea parties. You’ll order for her the garlicky Burgundy Snails baked in their own shells with herb-shallot butter, the meat-that-wants-to-become-butter Pan-fried Goose Liver and Apple Mille-Feuille on Cider Syrup, and a big slab of the tender and tasty Prime Rib that Champagne Room is famous for. For dessert, the sweet and tangy, hot and cold Crepes Suzette. A man should always understand and never underestimate the appetite of a true lady.

Burgundy Snails
Burgundy Snails

Panfried Goose Liver and Apple Mille Feuille on Cider Syrup
Pan-fried Goose Liver and Apple Mille-Feuille on Cider Syrup

IMG 4340
Prime Rib

Crepes Suzette
Crepe Suzette

The Champagne Room is located at the Ground floor of The Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Manila. 
Tel: +632-5270011
Read about the Champagne Room here.

IMG 7320
5. Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant
For the romantic and wife-material babe

Fly her to Cebu in class.

IMG 7263
Bathe together

Infinity Pool at Abaca Boutique Reosrt Cebu
Swim in the infinity pool together

IMG 7443
Snuggle in the cabanas

IMG 7330
Get relaxing scrubs and massages at the spa

IMG 7394
Have a romantic candlelight dinner

Breakfast in Bed at Abaca
Enjoy a hearty breakfast in bed

The service at Abaca is first class, food is excellent, and the resort very private.
What happens in Abaca, stays in Abaca. ;)

Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant in located at Punta Engano Road, Mactan Island, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. 
Tel: +63-32-495-3461
Read about Abaca Boutique Resort here, and Abaca Restaurant here.

Since I’ve been to ALL these places, I guess it’s just fair for me to say that I am a FUN, OUTDOORSY, CLASSY, CARNIVOROUS, SEXY, MODERN, FEMININE, CHARMING, ROMANTIC and WIFE-MATERIAL BABE. HA!!!


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