Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fireplace at Hyatt, A Third Time ♥ ♥ ♥


the fireplace at hyatt manila 

It is the 27th of August, 4 days left to enjoy the Oyster Promotion at The Fireplace. After the 31st, it’s Goodbye, Fine de Claire.

Frances panicked.

So here we are.


the fireplace at hyatt manila oystersLocal oysters baked with foie gras – I forget to mention, and the waiter forgets to ask.
He assumes we want local, and gives us local. So there, local oysters baked in foie gras.
The oysters are so much smaller than the Fine de Claires. Even the foie gras pieces are noticeably tinier. In fairness, these taste okay. But we want bigger and juicier oysters,
so we order a plate of Fine de Claires. 


The waiter comes back with our FDCs and gasp! They are even smaller than the local ones! He assures me that these really are imported and tells me not to the mind the smaller-sized shells because they just reuse them for all their oysters, big or small. Errrrr…..

Anyway, after we reject the miniscule bivalve molluscs, the waiter explains that today’s FDCs are really small and suggests we have another round of local oysters instead.


the fireplace at hyatt manila oysters Second order of local oysters baked with foie gras – oysters slightly bigger than the first round. More generous foie gras pieces, too. But these still pale greatly in comparison to the Fine de Claires I had before.


the fireplace at hyatt manilaCharcuterie platter – smoked salmon, foie gras, parma ham, blue cheese, fig compote.
Nice and fresh. I love the tomato-blue cheese combo the most.


the fireplace at hyatt manila mushroom soup Cream of forest mushroom – light and creamy, but nothing great


the fireplace at hyatt manila mushroom risotto Risotto of forest mushroom – like the soup, this is good, but not the best


the fireplace at hyatt manila ribs Barbecued baby back ribs (half portion) – I can think of many restaurants that do this better


the fireplace at hyatt manila chicken Free-range spring chicken roasted in wood-fired oven (half portion, with half portion of baby back ribs at the back) – they say the chicken isn’t fresh and it tastes burnt


the fireplace at hyatt manila prawnsButterfly tiger prawns, brushed with lemon oil – overcooked and rubbery. Dad not happy.


the fireplace at hyatt manila halibut Grilled halibut, capsicum-kalamata relish – overcooked and rubbery as well.
Gwama not happy.


“I’d rather eat sourdough bread dipped in coffee”


“This is yummier than the halibut”



Lamb and beef dishes are still what The Fireplace does best. Next time I’ll stick to my favorites

the fireplace at hyatt manila rack of lamb Roasted Australian rack of lamb (half portion) – lacks the gamey flavor I so love, but this is very tender and cooked to a perfect medium rare.


the fireplace at hyatt manila wagyu tastingTasting plate of American wagyu premium cuts 6+, left to right: sirloin, ribeye, tenderloin – beautiful marbling makes beautiful steaks. All three cuts are excellent, but I am most in love with the wagyu sirloin, so rich in beef flavor and so soft like a newborn baby’s meat.


the fireplace at hyatt manila potato gratinPotato gratin – creamy goodness that is 100% fattening, but 200% comforting


Jr, Me, Frances, Mom, Dad, Gwama, A.Kiddie, A.Baby, A.Sab, U.Andrew


The Fireplace
: 5/F Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, 588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar, Malate, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-2451234

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