Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Fireplace at Hyatt, A Fifth Time ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


The Fireplace AGAIN?!?!?!?

So what if I’ve already blogged about it once, twice, thrice, and… errr… fourice?

The Fireplace is one of my favorite restaurants AND this is MY blog.

Just kidding about all that biatchiness, hehe. Mwah! Actually, I’ve stopped blogging about The Fireplace for some time already since I order the same tried and tested dishes over and over again anyway. I am absolutely certain no one wants to keep seeing photos of the rich and creamy lobster bisque, the freshest, most indulgent millionaire’s salad, the most flavorful, juiciest ribeye steak, and the most sinful and decadent hot chocolate soup.


But there’s a scallops promotion going on right now and there are new dessert items on the menu – Yay! It’s about time!

So forgive me, but this is really community service. Smile with tongue out


Sourdough and Olive Tapenade


As always, I MUST have the Millionaire’s Salad, my favorite salad in all the world


Monica orders The Fireplace Caesar Salad. She says it’s good. I love the presentation.


Baked Diver Scallop – I can’t get enough of the thermidor sauce and mozzarella cheese.
I mean who can go wrong with that deadly, cholesterolific combination? Too bad the scallops are way overcooked.


Grilled Scallop Salsa – scallops are a bit softer this time. Love the refreshing tomato-coriander-mango-pumpkin seed oil salsa.


My Ribeye, a perfect medium rare


Grilled Seabass, Capsicum-Kalamata Relish – my only complaint is that it’s too small!


The lovebirds, Richard and Monica, share an order of Forest Mushroom Risotto and
Ribeye Steak


The ultimate steak paring, creamy Potato Gratin! Hehe.


I am so happy The Fireplace finally introduces new items to their dessert menu. My heart will forever belong to the Hot Chocolate Soup, but if at times it decides to go astray and cheat, these two beauties are the perfect culprits.


Soft Centered Pavlova Rounds, Fresh Mangoes, Macerated Strawberries –
light, pillowy, fruity and sweet


Warm Mango and Apple Cobbler a la Mode – YES!!! The mango and apple combination works like magic! A word of caution, this cobbler is dangerously sublime.


Cousins, lovebirds, friends and an auntie Smile


The Fireplace: 5/F Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, 588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar, Malate, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-2451234

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