Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Goose Station, A Third Time ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


24-Hour Steak. It’s the only thing I could think of the whoooooooole week.

So I’m back again, with delicious memories from here and here.


the goose stationOoohhh… personalized bag holder. I like!


the goose stationEat them in this order: Foie Cone, Potato Glass, Olive Tapenade Oreo, Savory Macaroon.
The “Snacks” is the showcase of the chefs’ ingenuity. Amazing how the thin and flimsy glass is packed with so much flavor, it’s a potato bomb explosion in my mouth. The olive tapenade oreo is one cute little salty cookie.


the goose stationThe foie cone is even better than I remember. The slightest pressure causes the super crisp and delicate cone to crumble, giving way to the light and creamy liver mousse that caresses my tongue like satin. 


IMG_3224Perhaps my favorite snack after the foie cone is this macaroon burger. Filled with ham and cheese, it is chewy, sticky, sweet, salty. It readies my palate for all the goodness to come.


IMG_3234Squash Soup, Chorizo Bilbao, Corn, Hazelnut, Truffle Oil


IMG_3230Farmer’s Egg and Chef Rob’s hand. Just saying!


IMG_323963’ Egg, Air Dried Bacon, Mushroom & Grain Pilaf, Cocido Broth.
This baby looks so fragile that all of a sudden I develop motherly instincts towards it. The smokiness, crunchiness and earthiness of the little bits of ingredients, and the remarkable depth and complexity of the broth give the velvety egg  real excitement in flavor and texture. I feel like a polar bear mama that just devoured her newborn –
guiltless and greedy for more.


IMG_3248Foie Gras Terrine, Oxtail Jam, Chico-Santol Puree, Pickled Radish
I cut a small piece of the terrine, wipe on some chico-santol puree (genius, btw) and use my tongue to rub it on the roof of my mouth, letting it melt slowly, enveloping me with the delicate and reassuring flavors of foie gras. I can imagine myself eating this dish forever, the smooth terrine, the lusty oxtail jam, and also the brioche!


the goose stationDuck Confit, Horseradish Potato Puree, Port Jus, Mustard, Black Currant 
So rich and decadent it makes me happily forget just how much duck fat I am ingesting.


the goose station24-Hour Steak, Truffle Potatoes, Schublig Sauce, Crisp Onions
Ahhh, the thing I come here for. You’ve been on my mind for the past weeks, do you know? You are the steak of all steaks. I want to take you home, introduce you to my family, take really good care of you, spoil you, and spend the rest of my life loving you.
Will you marry me?


the goose stationRice Pudding, Chocolate Mousse, Florentine Batter
All the beautiful little vanilla flecks tell me how delicious the pudding is even before the first spoonful reaches my mouth. Eat it together with the smooth chocolate, the nutty pistachio and the lacy cookies. I think that is what heaven tastes like.


IMG_3272Blueberry Cheesecake, Graham Pecan Crumbs, Blueberry Paper and Compote
Suddenly I am at a loss for words. This has got to be the best blueberry cheesecake in the world. I am totally awestruck. I want to squeal in delight. The Pengsons have outdone themselves once again.


Seriously, we don’t need to travel far for the good stuff.

We have The Goose Station here, now.

All the best things in one place.


The Goose Station: Ground Floor, W Tower, 39th Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. +6391785-GOOSE (46673) or +632-556-9068

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