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The Goose Station, A Fifth Time - Seasonal Menu ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


the goose station


Published on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section, July 31, 2011


Pamper Me with Morels and Caviar

I had a grueling time falling asleep that night, reminiscing about the sultry, lustful moments we shared. I tossed and turned in bed, my body feverish with desire as delicious images played in my head.


the goose stationHoney wheat bread, baguette, foccacia


I sat by the bar and he sent a bouquet my way. It was the daintiest little bouquet I have ever seen. I lifted it up with my fingers ever so gently and brought it to my nose to inhale its scent. Ahhh… strawberry, hazelnut and foie gras. I couldn’t help flicking my tongue around it. Then I put the whole thing in my mouth, letting the buttery soft goose liver mousse caress my tongue like satin.


the goose stationFoie Gras Cone


He warmed me up with these little snacks, a crisp potato chip in sour cream dust, the perfect little jamon croqueta bomb, and a smooth, foamy, creamy mais con yelo concoction that flirted with my palate like a shy little girl flirts with her very first crush.


the goose stationMais Con Yelo, The Chip, Jamon Croqueta


Things started to get hot with the arrival of the sexy black eggs. Perched elegantly on a golden Fine de Claire, the Oscietra glistened like precious jewels. I took a virgin taste of the caviar, letting the tiny beads roll around my tongue before popping them to release that rich, nutty, provocative essence, the very essence that stirred up all the erotic feelings in me. With lustful yearning I sunk my teeth into the plump and juicy oyster, letting the sensual flavors of the sea intensify the bodily pleasure.


Oyster and Oscietra
Fried Oyster, Caviar, Apple Remoulade


Nothing could have prepared me for the genius that came next. In an unassuming martini glass I was served the best-tasting and sexiest steak tartare in my life. Fresh, chunky pieces of Australian ribeye on whole grain mustard sorbet. Yes, mustard sorbet. I scooped the mixture onto the warm brioche and Oh. My. Gawwwddd. The play of hot and cold, the seductive fusion of flesh and fragrance. I knew as I devoured the last morsel of steak that I was experiencing a true culinary masterpiece, an orgasm in a martini glass. Vavavoom!


Steak Tartare
Whole Grain Mustard Sorbet


The two courses that followed were a delight not only to the taste but also to the eyes. The jet black fideua negra crowned with silvery white angulas was adorned with seared golden scallop, rust-colored morcilla, and surrounded by bursts of sweet red pepper and tangy yellow lemon curd. The carrot and beet salad was a colorful and vibrant painting of Davao goat cheese, hazelnut crumbs, pickled vegetables and baby greens.


Fideua Negra
Scallop, Angulas, Morcilla, Peppers, Lemon Curd, Anchovy Aoili


Carrot and Beet Salad
Hazelnuts, Goat Cheese, Pickled Vegetables, Baby Greens


And then foie gras and creamy morels. Really, can a dish be more decadent than this? Seared to perfection, the foie gras’ thin, crisp crust gave way to that velvety steak-wants-to-be-butter umami. Sweet squash ravioli bathed itself in the smoky, earthy, truffle-y, morel cream – the greatest version of his grandest self a mushroom could ever hope to be.


Seared Foie Gras
Squash Ravioli, Creamy Morels, Haricot Verts


The French pigeon caught me off guard. It was rich, gamey, tender and moist in my mouth, like the slow and deep, mind-shattering French kiss I’ve always imagined in my fantasies. Pistachios, fried capers and the orange-ginger sauce added fireworks to the steamy experience.


French Pigeon
Pistachios, Fried Capers, Radish Fondant, Orange Gastrique


The Rhubard parfait with cardamom fromage blanc, smoked strawberry compote and crumbled butter cookie was sweet, sour, tangy, fruity all at the same time. It was bold and daring. Each spoonful was a spoonful of exuberance.


Rhubarb Parfait
Cardamom Fromage Blanc, Crumble, Smoked Strawberry Compote


After the rollercoaster of intense flavors and emotions, the chocolate surprise calmed down my burning body, like a long and warm embrace after heated, passionate sex. The chocolate mousse was the softest kiss on my lips, the cake a comfort to my soul. To my dying day I will remember every aroma, every taste, every feeling of that meal.


Chocolate Surprise
Chocolate Sorbet, Mousse, Cake, Passion Fruit, Raspberry


The Goose Station’s seasonal menu is exquisite, lavish, and extravagant, and once in a while, it is all you need. Pamper yourself, bathe in the luxury. Let every inch of your body tingle with happiness, then shudder with pleasure. Because once in a while you know you deserve it.


Mignardises: Burger Macaron, Choco Fudge, Beet Pate de Fruit, Carrot Pate de Fruit,
Butter Cookie


Our take home goodies!


Thank you, Auntie Babyruth, for the splenderific meal! Smile 


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The Goose Station is located at the ground floor of W Tower, 39th Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. For reservations, call 09178546673 or 556-9068 or visit their website at

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