Friday, March 12, 2010

The Goose Station ♥ ♥ ♥




And what is there not to like about The Goose Station? The clever restaurant name, which is actually a play on words for “degustation,” the open kitchen where the beautiful husband and wife team whips up dish after dish of delicious fine French cuisine for guests to enjoy in a cozy and intimate setting.


IMG_8549Bread and butter. A little sweet here, a little salty there.


The 8-Course Signature Set. No question about it.


IMG_8524 SNACKS. Potato & Caramelized Onion, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Prociutto & Brie.
The PB&J is my favorite!


IMG_8528 ROASTED SQUASH SOUP. Corn, Allspice Froth, Bilbao, Hazelnuts.
The soup is actually pretty light,the squash taste not “in your face.” Love the bits and pieces in it. And the addition of hazelnuts? Genius.


IMG_8534SALMON TARTARE. White Asparagus Foam, Mango, Cilantro, Daikon Sprouts, Avocado Oil, Caviar. This is a beautiful dish, in presentation and in flavor. The delicate taste of asparagus, the rich and fatty taste of salmon, and a bit of the ocean in the caviar, they come together to take you to a new level of gustatory heights.


IMG_8546EGGS BENEDICT. Poached Egg, Hollandaise Foam, Bacon Tuile, Fleur de Sel, White Truffle Oil. So creative, so Einstein! A must try for all egg lovers.


IMG_8556   BEET GARDEN. Goat’s Cheese, Boursin, Textures of Orange, Corn, Corn Sprouts, Walnut-Gingerbread “Soil,” Pickled Carrot Leave, many more.
Ahhh, the Beet Garden, that which has received many high praises, ooohs and aaahs. I know I risk being stoned to death for saying this, but I don’t really like it much. I appreciate the attention to detail, the creativity, the imagination, but I still like my food simple, together, like a cozy family room rather than a fancy pansy garden. And it is also a bit too much cheese for an 8-course degustation. The intricate details are impressive nonetheless.


To my delight, the kitchen runs out of foie gras terrine so we are given the pan-seared version which is actually what I love best. The combination of unagi and foie gras, two of my favorite delicacies, does truly amazing things to my mouth. It makes love to my taste buds, caressing them, teasing them, giving them pleasure, first tingling, and then mind-shattering.


Minor renovations in the restaurant = our booking bumped off = a free dessert offer. But who wants anything else after this climactic, orgasmic experience? We ask if we can have the unagi-foie gras again instead of dessert. They oblige. Two times in a row, in an hour. My gosh! Tell me, am I not the luckiest girl?


IMG_8563 FIDEUA NEGRA. Morcilla Stuffed Squid, Seared Scallop, Aioli Foam, Pea Puree, Tomato-Saffron Citronette, Crispy Chorizo.
Squid stuffed with beautiful flavors, scallops perfectly cooked, creamy aioli on sexy black pasta, tomato sweet, chorizo salty, an enjoyable dish overall.


IMG_8566 DUO OF LAMB. Rosemary Lamb Loin, Sous Vide Lamb Ribs, Horseradish Potato Puree, Seared Mushroom, Port Jus.
The lamb ribs, although fall-off-the-bone tender, will kill you with saltiness. The lamb loin, on the other hand, is bland and tough.


IMG_8570 CHOCOLATE CANDY BAR. Earl Grey Mousse, Ganache, Bisquit, Sinful.
Rich, smooth, creamy, with a thin layer of crisp for an element of surprise. You know me. Anything chocolate, I like.


IMG_8578 BREAD PUDDING. Brioche Pudding, Bacon-Maple Syrup, Dark Chocolate Sorbet.
Should taste better if warmer. Love the bacon bits although I must admit I’ve had better versions.


IMG_8582Errr… some cream filled wafer stick?


The Goose Station is easily my new favorite restaurant. Food is excellent, price is reasonable, and the menu changes every few months. The service, however, has room for improvement. Our server repeatedly refills our glasses with cold water even after countless reminders that we are having warm (I know, I am such a grandma). How many times we had to change glasses because of that, I lost count.

Still, I will return. Because the food at The Goose Station has the power to make me come. Intensely. Multiple times.

And tonight, I will once again be a lucky woman.

So help me God.


The Goose Station: Ground Floor, W Tower, 39th Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. +6391785-GOOSE (46673) or +632-556-9068

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