Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Uma Uma Ramen and Horse's Mouth

This is Russell Yu, the bossman at Uma Uma Ramen, feeling just a little bit frustrated 
that it is taking longer than expected for his restaurant to open in Manila.
He has been ready and excited since 2015.

Exactly two months ago, we flew to Singapore with the agenda of trying out every single
item on the menu of the ramenya-izakaya that originated from Fukuoka, Japan.

I kid you not. This was just one-eighth of all the dishes we ate during our visits to 
Uma Uma's Forum Shopping Mall and Millenia Walk branches.

Uma Uma has been making ramen for over 60 years and prides itself for using only natural
 ingredients. The broth is a result of boiling pork bones for hours and hours, with no shortcuts,
and most importantly, with NO MSG. Every bowl is 100% pure and natural umami!

Russell's favorite is the signature Uma Uma Ramen with tender slices of chasiu, 
spring onions, black fungus, and egg in a spicy miso broth.

I love mentaiko on anything and was delighted to see Mentaiko Ramen on the menu. 
A generous scoop of the fish roe sat on top of chasiu, egg, spring onions and seaweed strips. 

Garlic Ramen with chasiu, white onions, black garlic, egg, bean sprouts and fried shallots.
Did you know that black garlic is all the rage now in countries like Taiwan, Japan and Korea? 
It has twice the antioxidant properties of white garlic and is proven to lower cholesterol and
prevent cancer. So happy that Uma Uma is making this available to Manila. We not only
get a tasty bowl of ramen, but also a nutritious and immune system-boosting one, too.

My favorite had to be the Tan Tan Men. A mix of Chinese and Japanese
flavors, every bite transported me back to my growing up years in Taiwan. 

Guess who finished it all  :D

Witnesses to my crime: Cassandra, Cheryl, Lani, Andrew, ZY, Anton, and Russell

People watching their carbs (not me, obviously!) will be happy to know that Uma Uma
 also specialises in yakitori. Here is Chef Satoshi Nakamura doing his magic on the grill. 

Chicken Skin

Pork Belly

Chicken Thigh

Shiitake Mushrooms

For the rice lovers:

Chasiu Don with Onsen Egg - another culprit to the severe food coma I suffered that day

Salmon Don

Spicy Tuna Don

Fast forward 60 days, I am seated in front of a smiling Russell because his very first 
 Philippines branch is finally opening!

Uma Uma is located in S Maison Conrad, Manila's newest lifestyle and dining destination

And look who's here, too. Satoshi-san and his team of Japanese chefs flew in
many weeks ago to prepare for the special occasion.

To celebrate, I had tasty little One-Bite Gyozas

Chicken Karaage with the perfect crunch

And the crowd favorite, Mazesoba, which is really the perfect choice in this sweltering heat!

Dry noodles with chasiu bits, bamboo shoots, spring onions, leeks, sesame seeds, onsen egg.
I like it especially with an extra drizzling of chili oil.

An extra bowl of 100% MSG-free tonkotsu broth to wash all that down.

Along with Uma Uma, Russell brings to Manila his whisky and cocktail bar Horse's Mouth

It was love at first sip with my Kopi & Kaya cocktail, a brilliant concoction of Ketel One 
vodka chilled over ice with coffee and sugar, topped with hot kaya foam. Truly Singapore and
truly me! To this day I dream about that heavenly coconut jam foam and look forward to that
moment when my lips can be reunited with the sweet and creamy goodness here in Manila.

Good news is, Horse's Mouth craftsman Johan Fong is in town playing around with our 
local ingredients. Russell mentioned something about green mangoes and bagoong.
So exciting!!!

Horse's Mouth Manila, where you can have your ramen AND your cocktails

The opening menu

The vavavoom view!!!

Yes to ramen with clear blue skies

And cocktails with the most amazing Manila sunset

Uma Uma and Horse's Mouth Manila open on June 15, 2016.

Uma Uma: Level 2, S Maison Conrad, Seaside Boulevard corner Coral Way, Pasay City

Uma Uma Website
Uma Uma Facebook Page
Uma Uma Instagram

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Skyroam Philippines by Big Sky Nation

Three most frequently asked questions I get after every trip:

1. What were your favorite restaurants?
2. Which hotel did you stay at?
3. How did you stay connected?

Most of you already know I always rent a pocket wifi. It is essential for all my trips. I can travel anywhere alone, navigate the most complicated streets, speak any language, conquer the whole wide world, as long as I have internet connection.

For my recent trip, I availed the service of Skyroam through Big Sky Nation.

It was my best friend in Netherlands and Ireland.

Skyroaming along the canals of Amsterdam

Skyroaming on the Cliffs of Moher

Three advantages of using Skyroam Philippines:

1. You have the wifi device with you even before you leave the country. In my past trips, I would rent a pocket wifi from a provider based in my destination and have them send the unit to my hotel. With Big Sky Nation, you can be connected as soon as your plane lands. Just turn on the unit, connect to Skyroam, and connect to the world. Easy peasy.

2. Skyroam works in over 80 countries. You need only one device for all your trips.

3. Skyroam works on a 24-hour cycle, offering more flexibility. You can choose to subscribe today, and not subscribe tomorrow. This was perfect for me as I just switched off the device when I arrived in the UK where I had a local data sim, and turned it back on when I flew out to Ireland.

It was also my saviour when the free wifi during my layover at Doha Airport failed to work.

Thank God for Skyroam!
Also, add me on Snapchat: jinlovestoeat  :)

Big Sky Nation delivers for free to anywhere in Manila. You can rent or buy the Skyroam unit, which can connect up to 5 devices. Unlimited data costs P490/day.

For more information and to rent your wifi device, visit http://bigskynation.com.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Delinquent Blogger is Back

Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared for awhile, but I am now back from my 5-week trip with no travel plans coming up soon, so expect to see me here more often. Yay! I miss this space already and I am so excited to start sharing again.

I've put on significant weight, mostly around my waist, but also evident on my cheeks, chins (yes, there's more than two now), arms and thighs. My skin got 5 shades darker, 8 shades darker on my hands, and 10 shades darker on my feet. I make the perfect ad material for United Colors of Benetton. Hahaha. But only because I walked under the sun and shade every single day in 21 new cities, 10 museums, 3 castles and 7 parks. I joined 8 walking tours, enjoyed 106 meals with myself, 2 dinners with company, watched 5 musicals, and gained immeasurable, precious experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope to document them all here at one point or another, but until I finish sorting out my 8,639 photos and dealing with the mountain of work waiting for me, I'll share with you a photo from each of the places I visited this trip, like a sneak peek of what's to come on this blog. Hopefully soon. :)


Zaanse Schans






Scottish Highlands

Loch Ness


Cliffs of Moher






Cotswold - Bourton on the Water





To the people who messaged me (some even demanded, haha!) for my itinerary and restaurant recommendations, PLEASE, PATIENCE. Kindly understand that I cannot answer all of you one by one, but will try to put them all here so do check back. If you cannot wait, do a little research on my Instagram posts. Search hashtags depending on your city of interest: #jinlovestoeatamsterdam2016, #jinlovestoeatedinburgh2016, #jinlovestoeatdublin2016, #jinlovestoeatlondon2016, etc, etc, etc...

Thank you and you're welcome!

It's great to be home! ♥

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