Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blackbird ♥ ♥



It is the hottest table in Manila right now. 




The restaurant occupies the Nielson Tower, which was once the control station of the old
airport, then a police headquarter, then an office, then an exclusive lounge, then a library,
before it was converted into one of the most gorgeous dining rooms in the city.




More than the beautiful space, it is really Colin Mackay's food I am excited about. 
I have been a fan since his Malate days. Did you know that People's Palace and Sala 
started out in Malate? 




We were a huge group so I was able to try quite a few dishes. My cousins know the rules 
by now: Jin gets the first dibs on each and every dish everyone orders, but first she has to
takes photos of them from all possible angles. They indulge me like that. I love my family. ♥




Antipasti Platter: Italian salumi, bruschetta, frito misto, mushroom, arancini,
seafood and white bean salad 




Buffalo mozzarella, pepperonata, basil, rocket




Tiger prawn, pomelo, palm heart, lemongrass, nuoc cham




Grilled octopus, cucumber pickle, sesame, soy 




Beef carpaccio, artichoke, horseradish, rocket, parmesan




Crispy soft shell crab, cauliflower puree, mint, apricot chutney




Seafood bisque, fennel, prawn - too peppery!




Mushrooms, guanciale, fontina, thyme, truffle oil pizza




Blackbird fish pie, salmon, smoked trout, sweet shrimps, creamy leeks, potato crust




Seafood Platter: Slipper lobster, tiger prawns, cuttlefish, mackerel brochettes, nuoc cham




Branzino fillet, roast fennel, tomato, potato, lemon, rocket




Australian chilled grass fed tenderloin, horseradish potato gratin, spinach and confited garlic jus




My order of dry rubbed wagyu hanger steak, mustard butter and fries arrived the very last. 
The server said the kitchen had to redo my steak because the chef wasn't happy with the 
quality of the first. Still, this was just okay. The fries were good though. My neighbors kept
stealing from my plate. 




Henri Bourlon Chateau Guibeau 2010



If I did not try ALL the food above and ate just the next four dishes, Blackbird would have been a four-heart experience for me. 

And I know this is why many of you read my blog. To watch me eat the whole menu and get fat while you save all the calories by ordering only my favorites. HMP!!! 

But because I love you, here you go...

Happy eating to you all, and good luck to me! Lol! :P




Prawn scotch eggs, betel leaves, coconut chili sambal




Twice cooked beef short rib, sweet fish sauce, hot and sour salad 




Medium rare US Prime Ribeye with fries and mushroom peppercorn sauce



If you must have starch, this is it. Portobello mushroom, asparagus, fontina, truffle oil lasagna.




I also recommend you check out the outdoor dining area




How special is this view




Look who else were having dinner at Blackbird that night! Thank you, Leo and Marielle,
for my 100% pure coconut water Vita Coco stash! 



Desserts were lovely. I enjoyed the sticky date pudding a la mode the most.



Baked Alaska




Cheesecake, macadamia praline, banana brûlée, dulce de leche




Lemon meringue tart, pink peppercorn crust, lavender praline ice cream




Sticky date pudding, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream 




Burnt butter and vanilla seed ice cream, chocolate brownie, candied popcorn, salted caramel 




We brought our own dessert, too!




The servers at Blackbird were a bit shy about singing. Luckily, guests from the other table
came to the rescue.




Thank you, Tita Virgie Ramos, Susan Joven and Mia Borromeo for providing
live birthday music! :) 




We hope you enjoyed your cake, because we enjoyed your birthday treat! Hehehe! :)



Blackbird: Nielson Tower, Ayala Triangle, Makati City
Tel: +632 828 4888


Friday, July 25, 2014

The Wholesome Table ♥ ♥ ♥




So Frances and I have been planning to get together for a salad dinner for the longest time. We really need to start eating less. 

I say a very long time because we were always unsuccessful in all our serious attempts to eat healthy and light, and would somehow end up ordering everything else on the menu but what we promised ourselves - salad.  




 We picked The Wholesome Table for our nth attempt. We figured if we were going to 
cheat (again), it might as well be at some place that will make us feel less horrible after.
The weighing scale is a bitch.




The Wholesome Table gives you the feeling of wholesome. From its food, which is all natural
and organic, to its cozy restaurant design, the materials used, the greens, the muted colors…
they all shout pure and natural. 




I especially like this wall display, and the letter "B" which I assume stands for "Bianca,"
the brains behind this wholesome dining concept. Or maybe "Bravo" because that is
what I think of what she has created.




Even the restroom carries that natural theme




Vegan Almond Milk
Because we do a lot of fruit and vegetable juicing at home, I chose to 
order something we do not get to drink everyday. And really, I love 
anything with the word "milk" on it. I was pretty satisfied with my
 beverage until Frances' order arrived. 




"Be Worthy"
Banana, almond butter, hemp, vanilla, cacao nibs, maca, sole, honey,
chia seeds, and almond milk. It tasted like happy childhood memories! 
This will be my regular drink at The Wholesome Table from now on.




Organic Mushroom Fritters




Each piece was a whole button mushroom stuffed with mozzarella cheese and wrapped
in homemade Italian sausage that was fried to a crisp. The crunchy mushroom balls 
rested on fresh cherry tomato passato. Amazing how something deep fried tasted 
so clean and healthy. 



To be very honest, we had the most difficult time deciding what to order for our mains. We couldn't find our usuals on the menu- rack of lamb, ribeye steak, truffle pasta, pan seared foie gras. Lol. 

After 100,000 questions, we finally went with the suggestions of our very jolly (and patient) server. 

"Miss George, I recommend you to try our Braised Pork Fettuccine. It is really, really good," she said excitedly, full of passion.

"My name is not George. It's Jin!"

"I know, but I'll call you Miss George, as in Miss Georgeous!"





Braised Pork Fettuccine
The slow milk-braised pork shoulder was so tender and flavorful. Tossed simply in a light jus
and topped with arugula and pecorino romano, this pasta dish was very hard not to like.




The Meatloaf, according to our server, is "our handsome boss Juan's favorite."
She directed our attention to the man seated on the couch. 




This is handsome boss Juan and I say he's got good taste.
The homemade meatloaf with organic mashed potato and bacon mushroom gravy hit the spot.




Tiramisu is my favorite dessert and I always order it everywhere I go.




The Wholesome Table's version was heavenly! The sponge was soft and fluffy, the creamy
mascarpone rich yet light at the same time. It took all my control not to finish the whole 
bowl and to leave some for Frances. I hated her a little right that moment.




This was before dessert when we were still good friends. Lol. 




So we kept our word and ordered salad. The Chicken Dukkah Salad with roasted squash,
tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, feta cheese, and sunflower seeds was dressed in balsamic
vinaigrette. It was a good salad. The vegetables were so fresh. 




 Kudos to Chef Jay Rollan and his team! 



The Wholesome Table: Upper Ground Floor, Bonifacio High Street Central, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 
Tel: +632 8670000

The Wholesome Table Facebook Page

Instagram: @thewholesometable


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