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CDP Restaurant (Chef du Partie) ♥ ♥ ♥


Probably the most exciting restaurant opening for me (aside from Mecha Uma by Bruce Ricketts), is CDP or Chef du Partie in Rockwell.

You see, we are always in Power Plant and we've tried all the existing food establishments in the mall from McDonald's to Jamaican Patties to Cibo, Mamou, Kuretake, Pepper Lunch, Cantinetta, Via Mare, Illy, The Cake Club, Boon Tong Kee, etc, etc, etc, to every single stall at the weekend Baker's Dozen, to my favorite taho stand (less syrup, more sago forever!)

There are many choices, but at the same time, I also feel there are not enough choices.



 So imagine my delight when CDP opened over the weekend




How cute is this wall design?




"Stairs that lead to a fully-booked second floor," Malou jokingly pointed out 



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Malou Fores, also of Mamou fame, co-owns CDP with Katrina Alcantara-Kuhn
of Mesclun and Kristine del Gallego-Locsin, formerly of Lu. I've never met the
two other ladies, but I know Malou because she is always so hands-on in her 
restaurants, she gives the best service, and is a human energizer bunny!
(Sorry for the grainy photo, it was taken with my phone) 




On the menu cover is CDP logo with caricatures of the three owners




It's too neat! I loved the little drawings and doodles and took photos of every single page! Lol! 




You must check out the drinks menu, too! Each wine gets a whole page feature with 
information on the grape variety, flavor profile, tasting notes, and best food pairings. 
Who needs a sommelier when you have this cheat sheet?




Homemade fruit-infused liqueurs they use for their cocktails




Butter knife love 



Malou helped us curate our dinner menu, to which I added more dishes from Cyrene's must-try list




Steak Frites Poutine - USDA ribeye, fries, gravy, kesong puti, blue cheese.
Our steak came with a bit too much litid. I know we should have asked them to replace it,
but we were starving and this was the very first dish to arrive. Better luck to us next time!




Pig's Ear Fries with Anchovy Vinaigrette
I imagine this would be something great to munch on with drinks. It was good,
but I guess I'm just generally not a big fan of deep fried food. 




Fritto Misto
But this medley of deep fried seafood I quite enjoyed. My favorite was the tawilis, 
then the squid, and then the shrimps




French Onion Soup - more sweet than savory, that's why I loved it




Japanese Mackerel with vegetable timbale basmati rice and tzatziki. Healthy and delicious.




Sancocho - a Dominican Republic version of a hearty pork, beef and chicken stew 
complete with brown rice, corn, and topped with avocado salsa. Very tasty! 



Except for the steak poutine, we enjoyed all our dishes (even Mom did!), but if I were to choose only 3 favorites, it would be the following:




Pork Trotter with red cabbage kraut and pommery mustard. 
The house-brined pata was so crunchy on the outside, yet remained moist and tender inside.




See all that bits and pieces of yummy, gelatinous stuff? My brother-in-law Benjie
cleaned up the knuckle using his bare hands. But only because he beat me to it!




Truffle Maccheroni with grana padano and parma ham. No explanation necessary.
But I still want to affirm that this perfectly al dente pasta dish tasted as heavenly as it looked.
AND smelled. Oh gads, Jimmy!




My most favorite was the Maine Lobster Vongole. 
It was definitely not cheap at P1135, but the lobster tails were impeccably 
cooked and the clams so plump and the spaghettini so simple yet so flavorful. 




The Maple Mascarpone Cheesecake was rich in flavor but light in texture.
I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't too sweet. Do request to have the syrup on the side.




Triade - saffron panna cotta, salted caramel pot du creme, red wine chocolate pudding. 
I cannot decide which among the three I loved best. They were all soooo good!!! 
What a perfect sweet ending to a delicious dinner! 




CDP serves Yardstick coffee. How adorable the cup and saucer!




FINALLY, a good meal at a newly opened restaurant!
I swear, it has been terrible lately. :P




We will definitely be back to try more dishes and these gorgeous cheeses!



CDP: Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati (Beside Mamou Too)
Tel: +632 556 4454, +63917-8329828

Monday, September 1, 2014

Stockton Place, A Third Time ♥ ♥ ♥


Many Happy Returns 

Published on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section on August 28, 2014


It is not a new establishment, but many people still do not know about my favorite place in Legaspi Village. I hesitate as I write about this little gem, because I fear more and more people will discover it, making it harder for me to secure a table at the 30-something-seater restaurant, not that it isn’t difficult enough as it is. 

It was my birthday wish come true that I was able to reserve Stockton Place for my dinner celebration at a very short notice. Well, one of my many wishes, that is, along with not gaining a single pound after devouring the most scrumptious meal prepared by the young and talented Chef Celine de los Angeles. Seriously, people should be exempt from weight acquisition on their “burpdays.”

Our family invaded the restaurant. 



The Oldies




The Fatties 




The menu, handwritten on a blackboard, was short and simple. If you are a group of eight,
I suggest you order everything. 



For this dinner, I made all the decisions for my family of 30.  



We started with Butternut Squash Soup, which was a perfect balance of sweet and savory.
There was a goat cheese tortellini surprise in every bowl, and bacon crumble to keep
things wicked. I had a hard time choosing between this and the bright and creamy
Tomato Soup with parmesan foam that I thoroughly enjoyed in a previous meal.
It was the kind that grilled cheese sandwiches go goo goo ga ga for.




 Our fresh greens arrived with shavings of foie gras, pickled cocktail onions, and peanut puree.
I could not imagine a simple three-ingredient salad that is more luxurious than this. 




The Caramelized Portobello Mushroom Tart had everyone nodding in approval.
Meaty mushrooms with ricotta cheese and served with a smear of truffled asparagus,
it was eveerrryyyything – earthy, sweet, tangy, creamy, and yes, healthy! 




To balance out all this wholesomeness was the extremely sinful block of Crispy Pork Belly
with layer of crunchy skin after layer of tender meat after layer of jiggly, glorious fat.
The pool of cherry pork sauce and pommery mashed potato cut through the richness.




And then the star of the show:
Oh yes, this handsome slab of meat and the awesome fried spuds deserve the all-caps
mega bold font. 




Chef Celine masterfully cooks her steaks to a perfect medium rare. Every. Single. Time.
Truly one of the best I’ve had in the metro.




For the non-beef eaters (shame!), there was poached chicken with truffle mushroom duxelle
adorned with a paper-thin crispy chicken skin.




And sole poached with a lemon beurre blanc sauce resting atop a bed of sautéed
vegetables and almonds.




The longevity symbol came in the form of tasty Clam Linguine. I urged guests to stuff
themselves so I may live longer to enjoy more meals like this.




As a tradition, we came armed with our own little birthday cake buffet and missed ordering from
Chef Celine’s excellent dessert creations this time. But you must order my favorite chocolate
peanut caramel tart with caramel popcorn powder, peanut foam, and caramelized banana. 

THAT PEANUT FOAM!!! I can eat a whole bucket of it and die of cardiac happiness arrest.




The Stockton Place staff also surprised me with this plate of S'mores. 
This speculoos feuillantine, chocolate cremeux, graham mousse and
toasted marshmallow dessert was marvelous in presentation and in flavor!




Thank you so much, Chef Celine! :) 



And thank you to everyone who gave me cakes! You all know me so well. Except for one, all my birthday cakes were chocolate! YAY!!! :)




Baked by Anita's Chocolate & Berries Cake from Princess




 Wildflour's Salted Chocolate Cake from the Chiang Family




Pink Wasabi's Reggiano Chocolate Cake from Jane Go




Sweet Grace's Pistachio Cake with Strawberries and Cream from Kate




Roshan's Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake from Ronald




And my favorite Roshan's Jamocha Fudge Walnut Torte from Frances




As I was about to blow out my candles, Gwama pulled my arm, trying to stop me




She wanted to coach me on making the PERFECT birthday wish




Ay nako!!! Every year it's the same old wish!




 And every year, I silently wish for the same.




And then came Gwama's favorite part of our birthday celebrations




"I feed you first, and then you feed me, ok?"








"MMMMMMMMM…. Chocolate cake is sooo good!!! Ya ho chia!!!"




"I want more! I want more!!!"
"But Gwama, you cannot have too much sweets! Kiss nalang kita." 








The attack of the cake buffet




My plate. 



I asked everybody to come in black and white prints to match the color scheme at Stockton Place.

Mom was totally against it. I had to tie a red cloth around my waist to make her happy. 

Those who refused to wear black came in my favorite color - purple. 

And then there were others who were simply colorblind. Lol.















I love my family.  ♥ ♥ ♥


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Stockton Place: 227 Salcedo Street corner Gamboa, Legaspi Village, Makati
Tel:  +63917 856-1419

Stockton Place Website


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