Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Antonio’s, A Third Time ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


The drive to Tagaytay seems like forever. No, not because of the few wrong turns we took along the way (sorry, extremely poor with directions), or that we exited the highway way before Sta. Rosa (sorry, too excited), but because the food we are about to have should not be kept waiting, declares my stomach, a most dedicated slave to the gastronomic greatness that is Antonio’s.

My taste buds do not stop welling up the duration of the 1.5 hours drive. I slurp back drool from the corners of my mouth as I recall fond memories of my past visits here and here.


IMG_9230And finally, we arrive. Thank you, Lord!


IMG_9204We start with some poppy seed bread and fresh pesto


IMG_9208And a bed of fresh Tagaytay greens, chopped nuts, dried fruits that tease
and entice the palate.


IMG_9212Then a bowl of delicious cream of mung bean with pancetta that warms the stomach,
and the heart.


IMG_9217Duck leg confit, orange-grand marnier beurre blanc with shoe string potato, pigeon peas.
I am certain the rapture is evident on my face. I don’t care if it clutters my arteries and makes me live decades shorter. I am hooked. This is the juiciest and crispiest duck confit I have ever had, and the unctuous meat falls right off the bone. It is nothing less than stellar.  
It is truly unforgettable.


IMG_9220Grilled beef fillet, gratinated with wild mushroom, mashed potato
I have to keep reminding myself I am not eating savory, beef-flavored marshmallows. This is the real thing. 100% beef. The wild mushroom sauce and even the mashed potatoes are divine, contributing beautifully to the flavors of this dish, making each mouthful more delicious than the last, if that is even possible. Simply magnificent.


IMG_9226Dark chocolate soufflé with cardamom crème Anglaise – with a bit of burnt flavor this time


IMG_9224Chocolate lamington with extra virgin coconut ice cream – light and spongy


Seriously, I should consider moving to Tagaytay.


Antonio’s:  Purok 138, Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
Tel: +63917-8992866

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