Friday, October 4, 2013

More Paris Posts


Hi. I'm back. But I don't know where to start anymore. 

My backlog has reached the 450 mark. Ugh.

I need to put some order into my life. Like maybe do things chronologically. 

Which means I'm gonna be doing some more Paris posts.

(Yes, I'm still not done with Paris! Yes, I ate that much in 9 days. Oink.)



IMG 2851

I even attempted to eat the pyramid!



IMG 1849

Eiffel, you're next! 



It would be a wonderful idea to backread on my past entries to get you into the mood for more.

Come on. Don't be shy. Click on the links.


Angelina - the best hot chocolate in the world!

Bar du Marche - breakfast you can skip

Berthillon Ice Cream - salted butter caramel ice cream!!!!!!

Chapel of Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal - because I believe in miracles

Creperie de Josselin - probably the most popular of all creperies

Eric Kayser Tolbiac Baguette - the best baguette in the world!

Gilles Verot Charcuterie - HEAD CHEESE!

L'Arpege - the prettiest vegetable dishes

L'Avant Comptoir - boudin noir terrine. OMG.

La Patisserie des Reves - paris brest!

La Villa Saint Germain - my home sweet home for 8 nights

Laduree - no introduction needed

Le Cinq - chichi lunch at the Four Seasons

Le Comptoir du Relais - super worth the wait. Promise!

Ledoyen - chichi dinner. The granddaddy of all fine dining restaurants. 

Les Ministeres - what a waste of one meal in Paris

Louvre Pyramid - for fun only

Mac Doner - reminded me of Mommy

Maison Georges Larnicol - known to make the best kouign aman. I say it's got nothing on Brasserie Cicou's!

Malongo Cafe - good coffee

Paris L'Open Tour - the best way to see Paris in a day

Sacre Couer - such a romantic, romantic place!

Tuileries Garden - perfect for strolling

Versailles, The Gardens - made me feel like Alice in Wonderland

Versailles, The Palace - will go back with my Prince Charming one day! :P



IMG 9571

And while you're at it, you may also want to browse through my Nice posts by clicking here.



IMG 9988

And my Monaco posts by clicking here.



IMG 0755

And also my Lyon posts by clicking here.


Enjoy and thank you very much! :)


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