Monday, March 4, 2013

Ladurée ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


One of the best things I love about my hotel in Paris, La Villa Saint Germain, is its proximity to Ladurée.



IMG 1721

The view from my hotel door. Ooh la la! 
The famous French maker of luxury cakes and pastries is just across the street from me! 



IMG 1729

6 giant steps and I am inside the Rue Bonaparte store. There is a tea room where you can
sit, relax and enjoy your meals



IMG 1733

But what I did on most mornings was to grab breakfast and go



IMG 1739

I couldn't wait to get to a bench and attacked right away one of the two
yummy things I got for breakfast that morning
(Mom would give a fit when she sees how I carry my overstuffed bag.) 



IMG 1737




IMG 1744

See how buttery and flaky. I inhaled the whole thing while walking.
(In about 6 giant steps) 



IMG 1746

To enjoy the pain au chocolat pistache properly, I sat down on the very first bench I saw



IMG 1754

The same crisp, buttery and flaky pasty but this time filled with rich chocolate and nutty pistachio
paste. I was dropping flakes all over the place and little friends came flocking to me.



IMG 1768

 First there was one



IMG 1770

Then one became two



IMG 1782

And then the whole clan arrived



IMG 1760

Aaccckkkk!!!!! Please, not my toes!!!!!!



IMG 2811

On another morning, I got a Bostock (and a side of salted caramel macaron)



IMG 2814

 Bostock is a brioche dipped in orange flower syrup, topped with almond paste cream and
covered with sliced almonds. Ladurée's version retained moisture like a sponge.
It was phenomenal. I immediately marched back in the store for a second piece.



IMG 3354

On another morning, a pistachio eclair 



IMG 3355

 It was delicious to look at, but tasted just okay. I found it too sweet and lacking in the nutty
pistachio flavor I love 



IMG 4690

I enjoyed my pain au chocolat in bed on another morning
(My toes were still traumatized from the pigeon assault)



IMG 4692

I bought this the night before and as you can see, it was still lovely and flaky as ever



IMG 1217

At the airport, I had a few macarons to go with my coffee.
Pistachio, rose, bitter chocolate and salted caramel.



IMG 9444

 My favorite is the rose macaron. It is the lightest, daintiest, prettiest-tasting little cookie in the world.
Every bite brought a smile to my face. 



IMG 4753

Of course I hand-carried some favorites for my loved ones back home. Some survived the flight.
And, well, some didn't. Hee hee hee :P


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Ladurée: 21 Rue Bonaparte, 6e, Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 44 07 64 87

Ladurée Website

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