Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ledoyen ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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The three Michelin star Ledoyen is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris.
Like 221 years old already!



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It is housed in a two-storey pavilion decorated in neo-classical style. I thought it was a bit dated,
but still elegant 



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The dining room had huge bay windows that gave diners a perfect view of the gardens.
Everyone was handsomely dressed. I wanted to die in my jeans and FitFlops! Lol! :D



IMG 3023

Service was a bit stuffy and rigid but never cold. It matched the old school classical air of the
place rather perfectly. Romantic candlelight dinner for me! Yay! :) 



IMG 3019

 I ordered the Menu Decouverte to get a taste of Chef Christian Le Squer's signature dishes.
His style of classical French using modern techniques was evident throughout the meal.



IMG 3030

The amuse bouche came in the form of beautiful pieces of art presented on a black slate block.
Is that cool or is that cool??? The server advised me to start from left to right for best effect.
Campari and orange ginger bubble, comte cheese puff with cepe mushrooms,
foie gras brûlée and raspberry sandwich, vegetable roll with poppyseed 



IMG 3033

Radish and squid ink chips 


IMG 3034

Champagne D de Devaux le Rose



IMG 3041

The breads were fantastic. HELLO, FRENCH BUTTER!!!



IMG 3044

Beef jelly consommé and horseradish granite, peas and beef mince



IMG 3053

Grosses langoustines Bretonnes, emulsion d'agrumes
Fresh and succulent Brittany langoustine tail with citrus fruit emulsion of lemon, orange,
grapefruit, coriander and olive oil. Resting on the langoustine was a crispy kadaif ball
filled with more of the shellfish.



IMG 3058

Ballot-Millot & Fils Meursault Les Criots 2008



IMG 3064

Blanc de turbot de ligne juste braise, pommes rates truffées 
This precisely cut block of turbot decorated with strips of black truffle and squid ink crumbs
was a beauty to behold. The fish was cooked perfectly and rested on a bed of potatoes
swimming in a truffled beurre blanc sauce. As sharp as it looked, I found the taste a bit dull.


IMG 3076

 Maison Nicolas Perrin Condrieu 2010



IMG 3081

Ris de veau en brochette de bois de citronnelle rissolee, jus d'herbes
Roasted veal sweetbread skewered with lemongrass stalks and
sprinkled with sweetbread crumbs resting on a puddle of herb sauce.  



IMG 3084

This sweetbread was such a revelation. Crunchy on the outside and super creamy inside.
Beautiful, aromatic and decadent. If you must have only one dish at Ledoyen, let it be this.
So sinfully good I felt a need to go to confession after I shamelessly molested this delectable organ.



IMG 3093

 The vavavoom cheese tray



IMG 3099

 I asked for the stinkiest three


IMG 3090

Anyway, I won't be kissing anybody that night :P



IMG 3117

Yeast ice cream, white caramel sheets and egg white meringue.
The ice cream was yumminess, but I thought the jagged sheets were
a bit troublesome to eat. Lol!



IMG 3120

OMG! The mignardises were served on a meringue pillow!
My favorites were the creme brûlée-basil truffle and the strawberry-lemon mousse tart 



IMG 3127

Croquant de pamplemousse cuit et cru au citron vert
Layers of candied campari orange marmalade, grapefruit marinated in honey and lime,
cylinders of citrus sorbet, topped with feuille de sucre and sprinkled with fresh dill.
This was quite refreshing.



IMG 3131

Chocolate crunch, caramel, creme fraiche
Valrhona ganache filled with nougat and wafer, thick and gooey caramel at the center,
milk mousse on the left and chocolate crumbles on the right. I need not say more.



IMG 3135

 Kouign amann and caramelized nuts



IMG 3050

It was 11:30pm when my 4-hour dinner ended. I swear I tried to walk back
to the hotel, but my legs wouldn't budge under my 300-pound stomach. 



IMG 3146

 Dear Ledoyen, futons would look fantastic under those trees, you know! :D


Ledoyen: 1 Avenue Dutuit, 75008, Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 53 05 10 00

Ledoyen Website 


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