Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Le Cinq ♥ ♥ ♥


I love absolutely everything about the Four Seasons Paris.


IMG 1983

The lobby



IMG 1984

The reception



IMG 1907

The galerie



IMG 1906

The al fresco cafe



IMG 1982

The flower arrangements



IMG 1911

And even the restroom I love! Hee hee hee :)



IMG 1913

My very first lunch in Paris was at the two Michelin star Le Cinq



IMG 1916

The dining room looks so elegant in golds and grays



IMG 1918

Love the simple yet tasteful table setting



IMG 1917

Had a glass of Champagne Deutz Rose 2007 to freshen myself up.
(I was still a bit disoriented from the hop on hop off bus. Lol!)



IMG 1923

Amuse bouche



IMG 1927

Breads, butter towers, olive oil



IMG 1930

More amuse bouche



IMG 1932

I saw chopsticks on other tables, too, but I just thought it would be fun to ask my waiter if he
gave me the chopsticks because I am Chinese. The poor guy struggled with his answer and
explained as gracefully as possible that the first course was to be eaten with the instrument.
Sometimes I can't help being silly like that. :P



To get a taste of Chef Eric Briffard's signature dishes, I had Le Cinq's Summer Gourmet Tasting Menu.


IMG 1934

Red mediterranean tuna belly, French caviar tartar,
green apple jelly, wasabi, tangy vegetable escabeche



IMG 1935

2009 Michel Bouzereau Meursault Les Tessons



IMG 1940

Razor clam from Galice with seaweed butter and ginger



IMG 1942

Baby girolle mushrooms in acquerello risotto and apricot, fresh almonds and vulleta ham



IMG 1948

2009 Emmanuel Darnaid Crozes Hermitage 



IMG 1956

 Rex rabbit from the Poitou region cooked with shellfish, octopus and salicornia,
confit bayaldi of vegetables, Muscadet wine gravy



IMG 1964

Sour ewe's milk sorbet with olive oil



IMG 1967

 George V style fraisier "minute maid"
Strawberry granita, fresh strawberry sorbet



IMG 1968

Espresso to cap off my lunch indulgence



IMG 1970

But it wasn't the end. There was still a trolley full of little sweets waiting for me.



IMG 1974

My petit fours 



IMG 1952

Le Cinq is really a place for lovers. Everyone in the room was in pairs.



IMG 1962

Well, except for this one



IMG 1950

But that's okay, because these guys gave me a different kind of happy :P



IMG 1976

 Take away caramel goodies!



Le Cinq: Four Seasons Hotel George V, 31 Avenue George V, 75008, Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 49 52 71 54

Le Cinq Page

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