Tuesday, March 19, 2013

L'Arpege ♥ ♥

I knew I was gonna be eating a lot of rich meals, foie gras, buttery pastries, a frightening amount of whipped cream and truckloads of chocolates (etc etc etc...) this trip to France, so I thought I'd do one lunch (yes, one only. Two would be pushing it!) that consisted of healthier food… like vegetables… for a change.

IMG 3199
L'Arpege was my choice

Well, if I had to eat plants in the beautiful city of meats that is Paris, it better be at a sure shot restaurant. L'Arpege's three Michelin stars sealed the deal for me.

IMG 3213
The place was simple, modern and cozy

When Chef Alain Passard announced in 2001 that he was going to dedicate his menu entirely and exclusively to vegetables, he was not joking. The very next year he bought a two-hectare garden about 200 kilometers from Paris in Fille-sur-Sarthe where he plants about 150 different breeds of vegetables that he serves at L'Arpege. What he harvests in the morning becomes that afternoon's lunch.

IMG 3232
The vegetable-focused cooking is evident in the restaurant. Tables are decorated with seasonal
produce. Some had tomatoes, some had squash, some had pomegranate... 

IMG 3204
I had a whole watermelon all to myself!

IMG 3200
Nicolas Reau Close des Treilles Anjou Blanc 2011

IMG 3247
I didn't have a date, but I had a beautiful view of this couple who seemed so in love it created
warm and fuzzy feelings in my stomach :)

IMG 3222
Except this kid at the next table killed that feeling.
She kept giving me this look that was the least warm and fuzzy.

IMG 3223
And would not stop doing this to her highchair. She freaked me out a little.

I had the lunch tasting menu.

IMG 3212
Welcome snack of homemade potato chip tartlets topped with beetroot, celery,
and zucchini mousseline. These were pretty but not bursting with flavor.

IMG 3216
Country bread and THE BEST BORDIER BUTTER!!!

IMG 3218
Amuse bouche of cauliflower and tetragonia mousse with sesame oil
and purple basil pesto

IMG 3225
Vegetable sushi made with warm rice, white beet carpaccio, lime oil,
topped with strawberry and zucchini

IMG 3230
Tomato gazpacho with celery and mustard ice cream

IMG 3234
Melon and fresh mozzarella on parsley oil 

IMG 3262
Chef Alain Passard came out a few times to make sure his guests were alright
and even served some of the dishes himself.

The Master of Vegetables personally served this to me: 

IMG 3238
Stuffed red pepper

IMG 3241

IMG 3244
The prettiest garden of all, on a bed of sweet and sour sauce made with geranium

IMG 3245
Yellow beetroot cooked in salt crust served on a bed of blackberry marmalade

IMG 3249

IMG 3252
A salad of green, yellow and red tomatoes with celery and mustard mousse
and parsley oil

IMG 3257
 Veloute of garlic, tetragonia and zucchini with parsley chantily cream

IMG 3258
Chablis Appellation Chablis Controlee 2008 

IMG 3265
Vegetable ravioli in mint and Chinese cabbage broth

IMG 3269
 Squid rings with corn and emulsion of onion

IMG 3272

IMG 3273
Smoked sole fish in yellow wine sauce, smoked potato and cabbage

IMG 3277
Chicken with caramel tomato sorrel

IMG 2163
A trio of soft goat cheeses aged 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month

IMG 3287
 Mignardises of apple tartlets, macarons, chocolates with lavender, and sucres

IMG 3290
Vanilla nut soufflé with chocolate center

IMG 3296
Millefeuille with mixed berries

IMG 3278
The Watermelon and I

It is brilliant what Alain Passard does to vegetables. I've never seen and eaten such herbaceous beauty until L'Arpege.

BUT I'm still 110% true blue carnivore, and this lunch, although very fresh and pretty, left me wanting more.

IMG 3221
At the end of the meal, the staff cleaned and folded the very knife I ate with and gave it to me
as a parting gift. The thing is a beauty. I'm gonna take it home and eat lots of meat with it.

L'Arpege: 84 Rue de Varenne, 75007, Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 47 05 09 06

L'Arpege Website

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