Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Louvre Pyramid


That morning I walked from my hotel, across the bridge, past the Louvre, through the Tuileries Garden, to get to my lunch destination: Angelina.

And then I walked the other half of the Tuileries, past Place de la Concorde, through Champs Elysees and Avenue Montaigne all the way to Trocadero and then back to the Petit Palais area to get to my dinner destination: Ledoyen.

I took the cab back to Saint Germain after the 4-hour meal. I would have loved to walk back, except I felt iffy navigating my way alone in the dark with a crumpled paper map because my iPhone decided to die on me.


Paris is such a beautiful city to explore on your FitFlops.



IMG 2820

It is impossible to walk without stopping to take photos,
or stopping random strangers to take your photo. Ha ha. :)



IMG 2824

I think I took over three hundred pictures just around the Louvre area. And I was only walking past!
A visit to the museum was reserved for another day. 



IMG 2827

And there it was. The legendary Louvre Pyramid in all its pointy glass and metal glory.



IMG 2841

I started noticing people around me acting funny. One by one they were climbing up these
blocks and sticking their arms out in the air. What the H?



IMG 2836



IMG 2846



IMG 2847



IMG 2854



I realized these funny-acting people were trying to create the effect that they were holding the pyramid with their fingertips or had it sandwiched between their palms.

What a cool souvenir to have at one of Paris' most popular landmarks!



IMG 2048

Some people did it in tandem



IMG 2849

Nice outfit, girl! :P



IMG 2831

Men in suits were at it, too, although I noticed they were
a bit more reserved with the arms sticking out thing



IMG 2851

I didn't care. I just wanted a picture of me eating the pyramid! :D



I promised myself I would come back and see the place all lit up at night.

I imagined it would be beautiful.


IMG 3751

But nothing could have prepared me for this breathtaking sight



IMG 2293

 It was the most enchanting thing I'd seen ever since L'Avant Comptoir's boudin noir terrine.

This time I just wanted to stare at the pyramid and not eat it.



IMG 3742

Behind me the Eiffel Tower shimmered and sparkled


Inside me my heart burned with love for the city.



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