Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creperie de Josselin ♥ ♥


IMG 3340


Rue de Montparnasse is lined with one million creperies, but Josselin was the busiest of them all.


IMG 3326

The place was packed to the gills and the air was so hot it felt like a noisy oven inside.
But you know me and food, I would eat inside a sauna with my butt on burning coals
if that's what it takes.



IMG 3316

Pictures and plates 



IMG 3318

Hello Josselin!



IMG 3320

The menu was in French, English… and Japanese!



IMG 3325

I had a Breton Kir which was really just cider + blackcurrant liqueur 



IMG 3327

Auntie Millette and I both had the Galette Bretonne 



IMG 3329

The buckwheat crepe was hearty and had a nice crisp to it, but the fillings of sausage, cheese, and 
fresh tomato were not anything out of the ordinary. I found it a bit dry but still I wiped clean my plate. 
Perhaps a fried egg with runny, gooey yolk on top would do some magic?



IMG 3328

Uncle Jim had the Morbihannaise - egg, ham, cheese, fresh tomato



IMG 3331

Sweet cider for me



IMG 3332

 Of course, we must have dessert!



IMG 3333

With some alcohol on it! :P



IMG 3338

Homemade toffee, melted vanilla ice cream, almonds slices, simple pleasures.



The crepes were good, but they're… well… crepes. I'm not gonna wax poetic over them.

But it was a truly enjoyable night filled with comfort food and delightful company. (Yay! Company!!! I had forgotten how nice it was to eat with people.)



IMG 3339

With Uncle Jim and Auntie Millette… in Paris!!! Oh the wonders of Facebook! :)


Creperie de Josselin: 67 Rue de Montparnasse, 75014, Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 43 20 93 50


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