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Palace of Versailles


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Versailles is only about a 40-minute ride from Paris on the RER C train.
If you're in the city for a couple of days, I suggest a quick trip to the palace and gardens. 




There was entertainment onboard. But it lasted for about 8 minutes only, and then these
guys went around the train asking for donations :P



IMG 2306

I'm really, really pathetic with maps and directions. My secret for not getting lost during my travels?
Follow the crowd! 



IMG 2307

And there it was



IMG 2308

Chateau de Versailles



IMG 2326

This UNESCO World Heritage site is oh so gold!



IMG 2332

The Royal Gate



IMG 2336

I bought my tickets from a tourist office across the train station. I suggest you do the same.
The ticket office at the site had a crazy looooooooooooooooong queue.



IMG 2331

Don't know who the statue is. I just like this photo. :)



IMG 2341

Can you believe this used to be a hunting lodge? Louis XIV transformed and expanded it 
into one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th century French art



IMG 2364

The palace also exhibits modern art pieces by the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos.
This is Mary Poppins. 



IMG 2369




IMG 2387

The Gallery of the History of the Palace displays paintings that depict the milestones
in the building of the chateau



IMG 2374

The Royal Palace Grounds



IMG 2379

 The Royal Family



IMG 2394

 The Royal Chapel



IMG 2398

The Royal Doors and Your Royal Highness (joke!) :P



IMG 2403

Hercules Drawing Room 



IMG 2411

The young Louis XIV



IMG 2419



IMG 2424

Marie Leszczinska



IMG 2430

 Mars Drawing Room



IMG 2431



IMG 2436



IMG 2441

I don't understand why kings fancied dressing like this



IMG 2447

 The War Salon with modern art Black Heart



IMG 2462

The Hall of Mirrors
This 73-metre gallery glorified the political, economic and artistic success of France



IMG 2458

 On the ceiling are 30 compositions painted by Lebrun, illustrating the glorious history of Louis XIV



IMG 2469

The hall's got three hundred fifty seven mirrors



IMG 2479

And seventeen arches



IMG 2482

Marilyn Stilettos  



IMG 2487

 They're built with stainless steel pots!



IMG 2491

 Check out the heels. Isn't Joana Vasconcelos brilliant?



IMG 2501

The Bull's Eye Salon was where courtiers waited to be admitted
to the king's bedchamber 



IMG 2505

The King's Chamber where Louis XIV lived until his death in 1715.
The royal rising and going to sleep ceremonies took place in this room. 



IMG 2512

 The Council Study where the king presided over the various councils with his ministers, 
granted audiences and received oaths of loyalty 



IMG 2519

The Peace Salon with modern art Red Heart



IMG 2539

The Queen's Chamber



IMG 2541

Her Wig Stand. Lol.



IMG 2546

Antechamber of the Grand Couvert where public meals were held



IMG 2554

Le Dauphin et La Dauphine
I reckon the royal family loved to eat lobsters? Hehe :)



IMG 2558

The Queen's Guard Room



IMG 2565

Lion Guard crochet art



IMG 2568

The Coronation



Photographing these beautiful porcelain pieces was not allowed, but they're so pretty I couldn't help stealing a few shots while the guards weren't looking. Hee hee hee. :P


IMG 2575

 This made my insides tingle



IMG 2577

And this made my heart smile



IMG 2582

I want to eat off this handsome plate 



IMG 2584

 And drink hot chocolate from this lovely vessel :)



IMG 2579

The Vitrail stained glass window is so Emilio Pucci! 



IMG 2609

Chateau de Versailles feels like a scene from a fairytale



IMG 2611

Now where are you, Mr. Knight in Shining Armor? :)



Palace of Versailles: Place d'Armes, 78000, Versailles, France

Chateau de Versailles Website

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