Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bar du Marche Ӫ


IMG 1706

On the many nights I passed by Bar du Marche the place was noisy and packed to the brim



IMG 2250

In the mornings it was peaceful and quiet



IMG 2241

I really like peace and quiet so I thought I'd skip my usual Laduree take-out one morning and
come here for a proper sit down breakfast before I headed out to Versailles



IMG 2240

It's lovely how the seats were all facing the streets. It's the perfect spot for eating and
people-watching! :)



IMG 2230

I also thought the servers' uniforms were kinda cute :)



IMG 2228

A big, growing girl like me needed to eat a complete breakfast, of course!



IMG 2236

The hot chocolate tasted instant. The orange juice came from a plastic bottle.



IMG 2244

The French toasts were really oily :(



IMG 2247

I topped it with yogurt and strawberry jam (because I'm weird like that)



IMG 2249

I also dipped it in my 3-in-1 hot chocolate. Meh.



Nothing could save it.

I wish Bar du Marche would serve better breakfasts.

It's really a great place to spend Paris mornings.


Bar du Marche: 75 Rue de Seine, 75006, Paris, France. Tel: +33 143265515

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