Friday, October 4, 2013

Hugo & Victor ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 3153


Hugo & Victor can easily be mistaken as a jewelry boutique.

I don't blame those who do.

Its chocolates and pastries are such works of art they might as well be precious gems.

The love of my life can propose to me with a Hugo & Victor saint honore and I'll excitedly say, "hell, yes!!!"

He should also smell wonderful and be on his knees.



IMG 3156

Like jewels, all the sweets here are locked behind glass and under tight security. After I took
this one picture, the staff informed me that photography inside the store is not allowed.
Party pooper.



IMG 3154

I shot this macaron tower from outside the shop



IMG 3157

Very impressed with the packaging!



IMG 3160

Because I just wanted a little snack before lunch, I chose the least heavy item on display.
The Pamplemousse Tart.



IMG 3165

Light almond and grapefruit cream encased in a sugar crust and topped with fresh grapefruit.
It was refreshing, tangy, creamy, bitter and sweet. And it worked. 



The day before I left Paris, I passed by the shop again to buy chocolates to bring home.


IMG 4653

My amassment



IMG 4655

How brilliant is the packaging??? If this were available to me in college, 
I wouldn't have had such a difficult time sneaking chocolates into the library!



IMG 4661

I got an assortment of praline, milk and dark chocolates for the sister



IMG 4659

And chocolate semi-spheres for the sister-in-law



Of course, I also got a pastry for my midnight snack.


IMG 4645

The Mirabelle did not survive the trip back to the hotel in tip-top shape



IMG 4649

I tried to fix it for the camera before I attacked.
A tower of fresh pears, pear light cream, chantilly and caramelized puff pasty. 
Every element was only mildly sweet, letting the flavors of the fruit take center stage.
It was beautiful.



Earlier the day as I was about to cross the street from Hugo & Victor, this nice man in white stopped me and asked if I was happy with my purchases.

Turned out he was one of the owners of the haute patisserie!


IMG 4582

Hugues Pouget, co-owner of Hugo & Victor, 2003 French Champion du Dessert,
and former pastry chef of Michelin 3-star Guy Savoy. He wanted a photo with me.
I indulged him. I was not gonna be a party pooper. :P


Yes, HE asked for the photo.

Now don't be such a party pooper.


Hugo & Victor: Boutique Rive Gauche, 40 Boulevard Raspail, 75007, Paris. Tel: +33 1 44 39 97 73

Hugo & Victor Website

Hugo & Victor Facebook Page

See other Hugo & Victor branches here.


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