Thursday, November 1, 2012

La Villa Saint Germain ♥ ♥


There was nothing I wanted to do in Paris but to eat. When the driver who picked me up at the train station asked me what I had planned for my 8-day stay, I quickly and excitedly replied, "To eat."

"Where you're staying is the perfect area for that, madame," he said.

Although I knew that already when I booked my hotel, his reply instantly made my day.



IMG 1714

Hotel La Villa Saint Germain



IMG 1718

Front Office



IMG 1747

The hallway leading to the rooms was dark and narrow



IMG 1605

But my room had a huge window that brought in happy Paris sunshine



IMG 1602

I love my room and spent 8 out of 8 nights eating pastries on the bed :D



IMG 1592

Aside from the standard closet there was extra storage space



IMG 1596

Sink area



IMG 1598




IMG 1599




IMG 1600

Anne Semonin toiletries



IMG 1606

Weeks before my arrival, I asked the hotel concierge to make dinner reservations for me.
When I checked in, they gave me maps for each of the restaurants. Although I was able to get
around pretty easily with iPhone's google map, I appreciate the staff's thoughtful gesture. 



 My favorite part about the hotel is...


IMG 1721

Laduree is located right across! Every morning I walked 10 steps and breakfast was ready!


La Villa Saint Germain: 29 Rue Jacob, 75006, Paris, France. TelL 01 43 26 60 00

La Villa Saint Germain Website


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