Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day… Pffft! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


It’s 2 days to The Big Day and I still don’t have a date.

To give up or not to give up?

Give. Up.


Valentines Day. It’s just so CAPS LOCK OVERRATED.


Still, I feel somewhat obligated to come out with a list for all the hopeless lovey-doveys out there. (You still don’t get it, do you? Sigh.)

So here’s my list of places. Guys, PLEASE call ahead for reservations (it’s total turn off when you don’t) and impress your girl by ordering for her. For your reference, I’m including the dishes I want my non-existent date to order for me.

You’re welcome very much!



antonio's tagaytayFor the fun and outdoorsy babe


antonio's tagaytay foie gras antonio's tagaytay steak tartare
Pan Seared Duck Liver in Honey Peppercorn                                   Steak Tartare


antonio's tagaytay rack of lamb antonio's tagaytay dark chocolate souffle
                Herbed Roasted Rack of Lamb                                       Dark Chocolate Soufflé


Read about Antonio’s here, here, and here.




the fireplace at hyattFor the classy and carnivorous babe


the fireplace at hyatt lobster bisque the fireplace at hyatt millionaire's salad
                 Lobster Bisque (by request)                                               Millionaire’s Salad


the fireplace at hyatt prime chilled ribeye the fireplace at hyatt wagyu tasting
                        Prime Chilled Ribeye                           Or go all out on Tasting of American Wagyu 6+

*Order Chocolate Soup for dessert. Sorry, no photo.


Read about The Fireplace here, here, and here.




the goose stationFor the modern and sexy babe


the goose station farmer's egg the goose station foie gras terrine
                               Farmer’s Egg                                                               Foie Gras Terrine


the goose station 24-hour steak the goose station blueberry cheesecake
                               24-Hour Steak                                                         Blueberry Cheesecake


Read about The Goose Station here, here, and here.




champagne roomFor the feminine and charming babe


champagne room foie gras champagne room escargot
Pan-fried Goose Liver & Apple Mille-Feuille                                  Burgundy Snails


champagne room prime rib champagne room crepe suzette
                                  Prime Rib                                                                           Crepe Suzette


Read about Champagne Room here.




abaca boutique resortFor the romantic and wife-material babe, fly her to Cebu for an overnight stay.


abaca boutique resort abaca boutique resort
                              Bathe Together                                                      Swim in the Infinity Pool


abaca boutique resort abaca boutique resort
                  Snuggle in the Cabanas                                           Get Relaxing Scrubs and Massages


abaca boutique resort abaca boutique resort
                   Have a Romantic Dinner                                                 Enjoy Breakfast in Bed


Read about Abaca Boutique Resort here, and Abaca Restaurant here.


Since I’ve been to all these places, I guess it’s just fair for me to say that I am a fun, outdoorsy, classy, carnivorous, sexy, modern, feminine, charming, romantic and wife-material babe. HA!

Happy Valentines, Peoples!

Bitter Spinster Jinster

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