Thursday, December 19, 2013

Maria Luisa's Garden Room, A Third Time ♥ ♥


The best kind of marriage is when two people TRULY want to be together.

Not because of obligations, children, vows… But just because.

It is when even without all the duties and responsibilities, they cannot imagine being with anyone else. And if given the chance to go back in time, they will choose to marry the same person again, and again.



After 36 years, 4 children, 2 sons-in-law, 1 soon-to-be daughter-in-law,
and 3 grandkids...



IMG 2976

Mom and Dad still hold each other's hands



IMG 2656

They still go on movie dates (except I always tag along)




They still go on dinner dates (except I always tag along)




They take care of one another and help each other up the stairs




They still kiss. EEEWWW.




36 years is difficult. But being with the one person you truly love makes
life's challenges easier, life's surprises sweeter, your hearts fuller, 
your souls richer. It is the most sublime feeling in the world when
one cannot ask for anything more. 




Jamie and Benjie's anniversary is one day after our parents' so we 
celebrated the two happy occasions together. They're one year already!
See photos of their wedding here, here, and here




Mom usually leaves restaurant decisions up to me - her food-loving and loving daughter. Lol. 
But for this special occasion, she requested (for the first time) that we go to Maria Luisa's
Garden Room even when we were just there a few days ago (see post here). She wanted
to bring my dad, the love of her life, to her favorite restaurant of the moment. So sweet. :)




I always look forward to the welcome snacks at Maria Luisa's. That night it was
jamon serrano and crispy onions in a pear cone on pumpernickel. It was quite tasty. 




To start, we had Moules a la Baltazar in Garlic and Parsley Sauce




And another Moules a la Baltazar in White Wine and Cream. We all loved this version more.




I drank the sauce like soup and mopped clean the bowl with crusty bread




A whole basket of it! BURP!!!




Dad had Merlot Braised Lamb Shank with sweet beets and couscous




Mom had the Ciopino Seafood Bake with salmon, red snapper, clams, crab claws, shrimps, 
and tomatoes. It tasted like the sea. I know because I finished half of it. :P




JR had Steak Charles, a 50-day aged New Omaha tenderloin with chèvre goat cheese, 
and truffle sauce




Benjie had Steak Walewska which was topped with a piece of prawn, asparagus spears,
and béarnaise sauce




Jamie and Kim both had the Merlot Braised Oxtail with mountain bacon and pimiento risotto
because I wouldn't stop raving about it. Hehehe.




I ordered the Duck Leg Confit with potatoes and cranberry sauce. This was also what I had
during my first time at the Garden Room (see post here). I am happy they now serve the
sauce on one side of the leg rather than all over it. I like my duck skin dry and crispy.



Kim brought cakes from Bebe Rouge Patisserie to celebrate the (not so) romantic occasion. Hahaha! We love making a whole family affair out of wedding anniversaries.



Strawberry Shortcake (Read my full post on it here)




Something Something Soufflé (Don't worry, it was forgettable)




 Happy 36 Years, Mom and Dad!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy 1 Year, Jamie and Benjie!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
In you I see that love always protects, love always trusts, love always hopes and perseveres,
and love never fails. 



Maria luisa

So much love on that side of the table! More power to me!!! :D


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Maria Luisa's Garden Room: Makati Garden Club, Recoletos Street corner Ayala Avenue, Barangay Urdaneta, Makati. 
Tel: +632 552 7051, +632 552 7045

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