Thursday, January 17, 2013

Benjie and Jamie's Wedding Ceremony


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The bridal limo. Ooooh la la! :)




The family had some bubbly on the way to the venue



JCS 1330

The hummer was really handsome, but it was quite a feat getting off with poise. Lol!
My sister Jamie was as graceful as ever. 



IMG 9028

Check out the Beavis and Butt-Head couch!




And whoa!!! The place was jam-packed to the brim! Thank you all for coming! We love you! :)



IMG 9032

A lot of people had to stand (sorry!), some sat on the staircase (sorry, too!)




The march in



CAR 5602

 By the way, I really love what Fiori di M did with the flowers.
The newspaper roses Jamie requested fitted perfectly right in.



CAR 5531

Here comes the bride!



CAR 5535

 Giving our baby sister away



CAR 5611

Benjie reciting his vows



CAR 5621

Jamie reciting hers
"I promise I will not put on make up and wear high heels again after today." 



CAR 5632

Dad got teary eyed...… awww…...



CAR 5642

And guess who else couldn't stop crying



CAR 5663

The girls were just thrilled to be back in Manila



CAR 5670

Sermon time and sneakers



CAR 5721

And then the most awaited part of the ceremony...



CAR 5729

You may now kiss the bride in front of everyone!!! YAY!!!



JCS 1544

Bride and groom with the parentals



JCS 1581

Us :) 



JCS 1597

Father side family



JCS 1590

Fatter side family :P



CAR 5827

And then the newlyweds escaped back into the limo for some wild and torrid kissing ;)


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