Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Benjie and Jamie's Wedding Reception


CAR 5859

I am impressed with what Cibo di M did to the very white space that is Whitespace


IMG 9021

The calm

IMG 9057

Before the storm


CAR 6008

The very happy newlyweds


IMG 9024

The very happy table setting


IMG 8453

Flowers, vines, and paper roses


IMG 9112

Paper roses, up close. I really love this idea! Not sure if Cibo feels the same way though.
Their staff spent long hours after long hours after long hours making these! :P


IMG 8475

Photos and comics
Yes, my sister's hair was pink!!! She dyed it back to black before the wedding.


CAR 5954

Colored pencils


CAR 5956

Colored breadsticks (They're yummy, too!)


IMG 9040

 Before the dinner reception started, red sangria and dalandan juice were passed around


IMG 9042

Also these mini vol-au-vent: Ilonggo chorizo and parmesan melt, roasted bone marrow,
and watercress and gruyere



Foie gras crème brulee tart with calamansi-santol mostarda di frutta



Risotto balls formaggio with mushroom tris, lemon basil mayonnaise


IMG 9047

The Wedding Cake (YES, SERIOUSLY!)
You know how my sister has always been different, right? Think pink hair,
comics-themed wedding, Bazooka gum invite… So this is really sort of expected.
She wanted all her favorites to form part of the cake: Costa Brava Caramel Cake,
Diamond Hotel Baked Cheesecake, Poco Deli Blackout Cake,
Dessert du Jour Vanilla Crepe Cake, and Chelsea Chocnut Valrhona 



The cake topper that gave our mom the scare of her life
Hindi pwede yan! May kutsilyo, aaway kayo!
Somehow it still made it to the cake :P 


CAR 5931

Jamie and Benjie toasting flutes


IMG 9045

The Menu


IMG 9059




Philippine Fiddlehead Ferns and Organic Greens
Davao Malagos goat cheese, Davao pomelo, Cebu mango, sugarcane-acacia honey vinaigrette


IMG 9065

Lobster Bisque
Zamboanga lobster tail, tarragon essence



Check out the Benj-Jamie seal on the fish course


Pan Seared Seabass La Sorpresa in Cartoccio
Italian fennel-onion confit, Sagada orange, Cambozola potato torte, Tagaytay haricot vert


Coffee-Guava Jelly Glazed Roast Lamb Rack
Mint gelatina, garlic scented squash flower blossom fricasse, mushroom tris rice pilaf
Braised and Grilled US Angus Short Ribs
Rosemary perfume, porcini lava 


IMG 9076

Dessert Tris: Strawberry Trifle, Crepe Millefoglie with Red Grape Frost, Valrhona Chocolate Torta



IMG 9043

Of course, wines were free-flowing all night


JCS 0854

Instead of clinking the glasses, guests waved naughty signboards
when they wish for the couple to kiss


CAR 6347

And the couple more than willingly obliged every time :)


CAR 6105

Midway through dinner, Jamie's colleagues did a surprise mob dance!
And no, it wasn't Gangnam Style, THANK GODDDDD!!!!!! 


CAR 6135

They did Footloose and invited guests to join


CAR 6152

And then a few oldies couples were called for a Dance Like You're Kevin Bacon contest




Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches


CAR 6308

Father of the Bride speech (of course, there were happy/sad tears involved)


CAR 6325

Their "Thank you's"



CAR 6332

Again, tears, like the wine, were free-flowing that night :P


IMG 9050

Father Side Cousins


IMG 9096

Fatterside Cousins :P



CAR 6034

My sister and my new brother-in-law were so relaxed, I knew this was truly
one of the best moments in their lives :)

Of course, the guests also had the time of their lives creating their own Flipbooks :)
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