Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bebe Rouge Patisserie Strawberry Shortcake ♥ ♥ ♥



Bebe Rouge is the Japanese-French patisserie right beside New Hatchin




It used to be a little stall inside the Japanese grocery




Now it is a full-fledged tearoom where you can enjoy drinks and little cakes




They have breads, whole cakes, cake rolls, cake slices, financiers, madeleines, cookies,
chocolates, macarons, and little whatnots



I am gonna have to come back to try them all.

For now I am on an afternoon tea date with myself.

Therefore I will try to be prim and proper and a little bit shy. :)



Royal Milk Tea




Strawberry Shortcake on a very pretty plate!




And so it's true. Bebe Rouge has the lightest, fluffiest Strawberry Shortcake in Manila.
The sponge is pillowy soft and the whipped cream divinely light, the kind that doesn't leave
any lingering slickness on the tongue, just delicious milky memories. And like all Japanese
desserts, it is not too sweet. This princess of a cake is VERY easy to like.




And to eat. The kind that you finish in one… two... three forkfuls. 
Ooops. Prim and proper just went flying out the window.


Gonna come back for the green tea cakes and strawberry cream puffs!


Bebe Rouge Patisserie: 7602 Sacred Heart Street corner Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City.
Tel: +632 897 7207

Bebe Rouge Patisserie Facebook Page

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