Monday, December 16, 2013

Paul at SM Aura ♥ ♥



It is such an exciting time to be in Manila right now! Can you imagine, PAUL from France
is already here?!?!?




I love French men, French breads, and French pastries. They are sweet as sugar and oh
soooo sexy!!! Just a little bite, a little lick, bring me pleasure beyond my wildest imagination.
Oh God, I am turning into a perve who fantasizes about flour and sugar!!!




Except there was this man at Paul Manila who wasn't sweet as sugar. He asked me with a poker
face why I was taking photos of the in-house bakery. I said because I want to post it on my blog
(to show that they actually do the baking in store). And then he just walked away! What a weirdo.
He was not French, obviously. So there you go, a picture of breads baking in the store.




I still like the place despite the Asian guy




It was busy but not full on a Saturday night 




Green Apple Celery Juice




We bought a loaf of Pain Muesli and asked them to slice it for our table




It was 90% fruits and hazelnuts and 10% bread. I loved it. I ate it generously slathered with butter.




The Cabillaud Provencal arrived looking like the codfish just swam out of the ocean and 
threw itself on the plate. What a mess!!!




Wasn't a delicious mess either. Poor Mom, she ate half of the rubbery fish and maybe two
spoonfuls of the hard and dry white rice, then she gave up. Do you see the tutong? 




Dad's Roasted Chicken, Paul's signature entree, was tasty. The potatoes and salad 
tasted sad. 




I had the Croque-Madame. Farmer's ham, emmental cheese and cream sandwiched between
pain de mie and topped with a fried egg. It was very simple but satisfying. 




The best part of the meal was this Chocolate Cream Tartlet which was rich but not sweet. 
A good dessert always saves the day. 




Look how slutty!!! Put this in front of a low EQ person like moi and the rest is history.




Low EQ people love third-wheeling :)


Paul: Upper Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City. Tel: +632 808 5324

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