Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tao Yuan, A Fourth Time ♥ ♥ ♥


You know how Tao Yuan in Resorts World is always, always full, right? And tonight is a Saturday night so it’s much, much worse. They do not take reservations unless you book at 6pm so I am asked to sit at the 14-pax table starting 6:30. (Thank you, Rolyn, for doing the 6:00-6:30 shift!)

Now don’t you people start calling me to hold your reservations. I do this only because I love the Sy cousins.


Sammy, Peep, Steve, Timmy, Cielo, Me, Jerms, Mon, Lulu, Bastin, Ed, Farah, Pat


The last couple to come (ahem, Sam and Peep!) arrive at 8pm, so imagine how many
plates of these peanuts I’ve consumed. Let’s just say I feel brainier than Einstein already.


Deep-fried Spring Rolls with Crushed Garlic – skin is crunchy, filling is mushy


Hainanese Chicken – there are rumors that the Resorts World branch does not make
chicken as good as the Malate branch. I tell you, they are just rumors.
This is way tastier than the one I had in Malate.


Chicken Rice – this is so good I want to finish the whole bowl but decide to eat half only…


…because Timmy here lost 30 lbs. just cutting down on rice!
He is now as sexy as his wife Cielo Winking smile


Roast Crispy Pork Belly
Layers of tender pork + layers of glorious fat + crunchy crunchy skin = me in pork heaven


Roast Hainanese Chicken – I didn’t even know they have a roasted version of the hainanese chicken. If you love the steamed one, I promise you’ll love this more. Imagine the same
tasty bird but now covered in addicting crispy skin. And this picture says it all.
Nobody can wait.


Golden Silk Prawns – nothing extraordinary


Sautéed String Beans with Pork Belly and Dried Tofu – very tasty stuff. Now I regret giving up that other half bowl of rice. Waahhh!


Sautéed Spinach in Garlic – simple but delicious


Laksa – I have to say, the best in Manila


Asado Tart – now this is one thing Malate does better. Here the crust is thick and dense,
and the filling is mushy. Fail. (But when in Malate, you must order this!)


Braised Tofu – Timmy’s special request. Nice, clean flavors.


Roast Hainanese Chicken (again!) – so delicious we just HAVE to order another plate


And also another plate of Hainanese Chicken.

And also another plate of Crispy Pork Belly.


Chili Crab – fat and juicy, worth getting your fingers dirty.
We also have another plate of this. Mwahahaha!


Fried Mantou – these are so oily BUT they are also so soft, so warm, so sweet, and soooooo good dunked in chili sauce or condensed milk or chili sauce AND condensed milk!


Mon says I should take a photo of the mantou with his hand. I say he should be in the photo with the mantou. That’s my mantou model trying to look all candid. But fails. Smile with tongue out


Almond Tofu with Lychee – diabetes in a bowl


After dinner, we go to Opus for drinks.


While the others have scotch, I stick to Absolut Kurant and my favorite Lychee Martini.
(If it is not sweet, I don’t know how to drink it)


And then some Grey Goose and Coco Lychee Martini
… and Truffle Fries. Hehehe.


The Macallan Select Oak. Believe me, I tried, but can never appreciate it.
I swear I’ll be totally destroyed after 2 baby sips.


Ed, Steve, Robbie, Jeremy, Sammy
Farah, Cielo, Me, Peep


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Tao Yuan: 2F, Resorts World Manila, Newport City, Pasay, Philippines.
Tel: 659-3321, 846-9998

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