Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I’m Angus Steak House ♥ ♥ ♥


There is a first time for everything.

And tonight is the very first time I’ll have dinner with a bunch of people I’ve never met. Well, I’ve interacted with two of them in cyberspace (gmail and this blog), but never in the real, cruel, hard, harsh, unfair, unforgiving world. (Me is Miss Drama Queen)


i'm angus steak house


Stepping into the restaurant and introducing myself to Devin, who is the first of the five cousins to arrive, is the awkward-est thing I’ve done in a while. I am a very shy and reserved person, you see, and this is really out of my comfort zone. Devin doesn’t know me and I don’t know  him and suddenly we’re seated face to face. “Ohhh!!! You’re the food blogger!” he suddenly spurts out, “I did hear Achi Melissa say some blogger is coming.” Awwwkkkk. Waaarrrddddd.

I try to act as if this is nothing out of the ordinary, that I do this kind of thing everyday. I scan the menu and ask him what his recommendations are, and the moment he starts talking about food, I know this guy is for keeps. (Hear that, girl???)


Bread is crusty outside, soft inside. I like it with the garlic butter.


Everyone else starts arriving and soon our table is filled with chatter. There’s Melissa, I swear she is the thinnest foodie I’ve ever met. There’s Eugene and Valerie, who are visiting all the way from Georgia (Georgia??? Really?!?) And then there’s Janice, who knows my favorite restaurants, my cousins’ names, and how many cakes we have during family birthday parties. (Yes! I have a stalker! That means I’m famous!!! Party smile)


Caesar Salad – Mel finishes this so I think it must be good


Homemade Chorizo with Chili and Garlic – Valerie says this is rich and full-bodied.
Janice says this is so yummy it brings her back to Spain.


Dungeness Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa –
I forgot to ask Eugene, but seems to me he likes it


Mushroom Cappuccino – Devin approves. I want to try this next time.


Lobster Bisque – my soup is rich and tasty. I wipe the bowl clean.


Baked Onion Soup – Mel is quite disappointed with her tasteless soup


i'm angus steak houseCertified Angus Beef “Beef Chilled” Tomahawk Steak – Devin and I split the 21 oz slab.
This is his 10.5-ouncer with a side of onion rings.


i'm angus steak houseAnd this is mine with sautéed mushrooms and green peppercorn sauce on the side.
Although I enjoy the peppery heat, I find that I almost never have to use the sauce.
After all, good meat does not need accessorizing. Very tender and perfectly pink,
this is serious steak for the serious steak lover.


Eugene and Valerie also split a Tomahawk, the couple from Georgia likes it rare.


Fresh horseradish!


i'm angus steak houseCertified Angus Beef “Prime Steak” Rib Eye – Mel complains her steak is tough and
finishes only a third. The rest is Mang Ricky’s lunch the next day.


BBQ Baby Back Ribs – Janice’s pork is fall-off-the-bone tender but she finds the
BBQ sauce just too sweet


Banana Foster – Mel enjoys this banana dessert. I find it too cinnamon-y. I wish they used chocolate powder instead. Hehehe.


I’m Angus Dessert Sample – Red Philosophy (mascarpone mousse with strawberry filling), 
Panacomango (pannacotta with mango jelly layers and raspberry foam), and
The Cube (maracaibo chocolate mousse filled with caramelized black cherries).
They’re all okay, but I crave something richer and chocolaty-er. Still I finish everything.


Including the cookie that came with my coffee


i'm angus steak houseI’m Angus has a dark and sexy private room


i'm angus steak houseNow all I need is a dark and sexy (and tall) date Winking smile


Dinner with this group of cousins is a lot of fun. Between all the talks about dating, food, more food, older cousins coaching younger cousins on winning a girl’s heart, but not wanting to have anything to do with it when it involves the parents, I realize something.

They are a very dysfunctional family.


Valerie, Eugene, Devin, Me, Melissa, Janice, Tim


No wonder I feel at home with them right away.

Thank you, Mel, for an awesome dinner! Smile


I’m Angus Steak House: 7431 Yakal Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Tel: +632-892-6206

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