Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tao Yuan, Revisited ♥ ♥


7:30pm. The celebrant is already here when we arrive. He comes early to beat the December traffic and is patiently killing time playing games on his iPad.


IMG_37377:46pm. As usual, we are one of the earliest to arrive. Too excited to eat. All the time.


IMG_37407:49pm. I attack this bowl of peanuts. The first bowl of many.


IMG_37418:08pm. Hungry, I order some Asado Tarts. Hot and flaky.
And then I stuff myself with some more peanuts.


IMG_37448:42pm. Finally, the room is starting to fill up and we start the feast with a plate of Assorted Appetizers consisting of salad seafood roll (delicious), jellyfish (not too good), chicken lollipop (too sweet), some egg dish (lacks punch), and hot prawn salad (just ok)


IMG_37508:58pm. Birthday noodles with assorted seafood – noodles are too soft, sauce needs more flavor


IMG_37529:03pm. Steamed suahe – fresh and sweet


IMG_37539:14pm. Double boiled winter melon soup with fish maw – pretty good


IMG_37579:21pm. Peking ducks!


IMG_37599:26pm. Hainanese chicken – not as tasty as the last time


IMG_37619:35pm. The murdered duck finally arrives. The skin is not as crisp as I like, the meat could be softer, and the waiter needs to practice his knife skills more.


IMG_37659:43pm. Steamed razor clams – could be great if the clams actually had some meat in them


IMG_37689:48pm. Steamed garoupa – overcooked


IMG_37709:49pm. Laksa – delicious but I’m already too full from all the peanuts


IMG_37739:55pm. Garlic fried crab – plump and juicy


IMG_37749:58pm. Minced duck and lettuce leaf


IMG_377610:31pm. Coconut sesame balls and green tea jelly


IMG_379711:09pm. The cakes! Clockwise from top left: Sugarhouse French Apple Pie,
Sugarhouse Almond Sans Rival, Cara Mia Tentazione, Dezato Chocolate Cake,
Café Ysabel Chocolate Ganache (?), and FIC Pistachio ice cream at the center


IMG_380711:16pm. The Chiang Family


IMG_3784The holiday-themed party favors


11:40pm. With the glowing celebrant. I mean literally, around the head. Hihihi.
Happy Birthday, Uncle Rolly!


Tao Yuan Restaurant: 508-512 General Malvar Street corner A. Mabini Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-5227009 to 10

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