Thursday, December 9, 2010

Opus ♥ ♥ ♥


This feels like a dream. I have to pinch myself a few times to make sure I am not in Hong Kong or Shanghai or Tokyo or New York. I am in Manila and this is happening.

They’ve done it again, the masterminds that brought you Embassy, Encore, Members Only, Republiq, and all the best of them in Manila.


And Iloveeat.

It’s really not a surprise that I am here for dinner, not drinks. Well, at least not yet. The clock says 8pm. The night is still young.

Check out the dining area.


IMG_3331Tapestries and dripping white paint


IMG_3335Nose, hands and shiny silver sofa


IMG_3334Darkness and romance


IMG_3333Booths and nudity


If you love it as much as I do, then you’re in for more treat. Check out the bar and lounge area.

IMG_3329Spacious and open, complete with a grand piano


IMG_3327The Bar


IMG_3326THE BAR. Oooohhh… The aliens like!


Okay, now back to what we come here for – the  food by Chef Carlos Miguel.

IMG_3345Baguette, red molasses bread, sourdough, plain butter and… wait for it… TRUFFLE butter


But before I continue, I’d like to give a special mention to my friend here, who patiently holds up his iPhone to provide proper iLighting despite weird stares from people at the next table, so my food shots won’t turn out all dark and grainy. I know it is an extremely embarrassing task, so thank you, Jerms!


My pig out buddy, lighting director, and the ONLY person who can eat as much I do.


IMG_3357Amuse bouche – Wagyu slider with onion jam and blue cheese. Tasty.


IMG_3362Grilled Japanese eel and seared foie gras on cucumber jelly with pickled radish salad –
I never liked fresh cucumber especially the smell of it, and this dish is ohmygodreeking of it. The foie gras is nicely seared and the unagi tender and sweet. I wish they’d take out the pickled radish, its flavor is too strong it overpowers the main star of the dish, and of course the cucumber factors which I just don’t like. Everything just does NOT come together, no matter how open-minded I try to be. Jerms eats only the first 2 layers and is moaning in delight. Damn. I guess he is the smarter of us two. 


IMG_3370A salad of spice-crusted tuna carpaccio, grilled squid and chorizo with romesco dressing – now this is excellent. Exciting textures, exciting flavors. Like a party in my mouth.


IMG_3374Dry-rubbed grilled pork chop with roast sweet potato, corn succotash and spiced apple – the pork chop is haaaaaaaarrrd. The only thing I like from Jeremy’s plate is the spiced apple. And because he doesn’t like it, I get to have it.


IMG_3385Roast lamb short loin with green pea puree, roast pumpkin and mint jus –
the loin is acceptable, the pea puree too salty, the jus tastes like something out of a Chinese restaurant… Really, I’d easily shrug this dish off as nothing special. BUT the chef brilliantly adds an outer layer of soft, chewy, gummy lamb skin that is packed with all the richness and gaminess of the animal. I am instantly hooked. The skin makes this dish.


IMG_3396Matisse – dark chocolate fondant with salty caramel ice cream and malt foam.
I am so glad I stuck with my choice of chocolate dessert even after our server tempts us with sweet little things such as lemon pudding and coconut mango ice cream terrine. This is one of the best desserts I’ve had in a while. The chocolate cake is rich and moist, the ice cream just the perfect level of sweetness with a sexy hint of saltiness, and the foam gives a lingering aftertaste of malt, one of my favorite flavors to go with chocolate. After I greedily spoon everything into my mouth, I fantasize about licking the last traces off the plate. Seriously.


IMG_3403After dinner, we move to the lounge area where I have 1.5 glasses of Weng Weng,
a Coco Lychee Martini (both delicious), and a very good night’s sleep after proudly
driving myself home.


IMG_3407Okay, fine, we order some more food from the bar. These chicken chorizo and manchego fritters with smoked paprika aioli are just yummehhhhh


The restaurant is but one week old and the food shows great potential. I will definitely come back to try the sea bass and the steak, and 2 more of that chocolate fondant dessert.


Opus: 2/F, Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay, Philippines. Tel: +632-856-0128, +632-856-0914

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