Thursday, July 14, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, June 13-26, 2011


Look what my buddy Bong surprised me with. A matryoshka doll he asked his sister to buy on her recent Europe trip.


It’s my first ever Russian nesting doll in all my 31 years. I love her.
Thank you, buddy! Smile


And look! She has mini me’s!


I named them Jin, Jinni, Jinini, Jininini, and Jinininini.


Ahihihi! Rolling on the floor laughing


June 13, 5:53pm

Avocado, pear, apple, kiwi, dragon fruit


June 14, 12:31pm

Native chicken and pork spareribs soup with ugat ugat

Dragon fruit, mango, kiwi, papaya, pomelo, pear


June 15, 10:38am

Dragon fruit, apple, mango, papaya, pomelo, kiwi


June 16 to 19 – not at home


June 20, 12:25pm

Chayote, shrimps with asparagus, mushrooms, pan fried salmon, salmon fried rice

Mango, pear, banana, pomelo, apple, kiwi

Fresh OJ


June 21, 12:34pm

Chicken adobo, steamed garoupa, ampalaya with egg

Mango, kiwi, honeydew, banana, dragon fruit


June 22, 1:29pm

Chicken turbo, boiled spinach, chives with mushrooms, garlic adobo rice

Red dragon fruit, kiwi, apple, guava


June 23, 12:53pm

Native chicken and pork shareribs soup with ugat ugat

Papaya, mango, apple, pomelo, guava, kiwi, dragon fruit

Fresh OJ


June 24, 1:09pm

Okra, steamed fish, pickled cucumber

Red dragon fruit, kiwi, guava, apple, papaya


June 25, 2:10pm

Omelette tomato rice, sesame shrimps, tong ho vegetables, steamed fish

Mochi tasting: peanut, black sesame, white lotus, matcha

Papaya, mango, guava, kiwi, red dragon fruit

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