Monday, January 17, 2011

Tao Yuan, A Third Time ♥ ♥


And here we are TaoYuan-ing again, exactly 30 days after Uncle Rolly’s birthday dinner.


IMG_5671The Oldies (guess which one is the celebrant tonight)


IMG_5666The not-yet-so-oldies-but-getting-there-soon


Aside from the mainstays at Tao Yuan (Hainanese chicken, Peking duck, suahe and laksa), I am thankful Donna orders different dishes tonight.


IMG_5661Birthday Miswa – so much tastier than regular birthday noodles


IMG_5670Assorted Appies – chasiu, suckling pig, soya goose, century egg, five-spice beef, jellyfish


IMG_5673Suahe – fresh and sweet as always


IMG_5680Our very own suahe peelers (hehe)


IMG_5676Peking Ducks


IMG_5689Peking duck skin and meat. And Donna’s fingers caught in the act!


IMG_5683Hainanese Chicken


IMG_5690Laksa – excellent as always


IMG_5694Spinach Soup


IMG_5696Assorted Seafood in Golden Taro Bowl


IMG_5701Minced Duck and Lettuce Leaf


IMG_5707Twin Mango Lapu-Lapu


IMG_5762Chilled Mango Sago


IMG_5765Chrysanthemum Jelly and Coconut Sesame Balls


IMG_5712The giveaways: Lock & Lock water bottles filled with candies and chocolates.
I open mine up and gorge on the KitKat Chunky right away. Yumm-eeeeyyy.


IMG_5713Look at Hearty all dressed up


IMG_5722Pacita’s Mocha Cake, Hizon’s Chocolate Cake, Diamond Hotel’s Baked Cheesecake


IMG_5727Eternal Flame? (Hihihi!)


IMG_5755The Pascual Family, missing Paul, Ritchie, and Johann
Happy Birthday, Auntie Kiddie!


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Tao Yuan Restaurant: 508-512 General Malvar Street corner A. Mabini Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-5227009 to 10

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