Monday, June 8, 2015

Honmura An ♥ ♥

I'm not a huge soba or noodles fan, but this trip I had already done izakaya, takoyaki, sukiyakijapanese pancake, tsukemen, tonkatsu, matcha desserts, yakiniku, teppanyaki3-michelin star sushi, 1-michelin star sushi, breads, ramen, unagi, more breadmodern kaiseki, yakitori, cheap sushi, curry, japanese desserts, crepe cake, strawberry cake, and too many coffee places to mention! (Click on the links to read about my experience at the restaurant in each category.)

So I decided to go on a soba lunch for a change. Honmura An actually started in 
New York City where it became a huge success before owner Koichi Kobari decided
to return to his roots and open shop in Roppongi.

I heard the Kamo Seiro soba with duck-based dipping sauce was excellent, but how
does one say no to soba with a topping of fresh uni? It was also the signature dish
 of Honmura An in New York so I had absolutely no choice but to order it.

My uni soba was fresh and pretty, but I was hoping to get more sea urchin

Pour in the sauce, mix and enjoy

The buckwheat noodles were perfect in flavor and texture. I was told that they grind dried 
buckwheat every morning to produce fresh noodles, and Koichi cuts them with a special
soba knife.

It was good, but honestly, I thought it was a bit expensive at ¥3000.

They charged money for iced tea, too. I don't know how much, but...

My total bill came up to ¥4,150 (around P2,000 at the time of eating) for a bowl of uni soba 
and a glass of iced tea. I left Honmura An hungry.

The restaurant interiors and flower arrangements made up for it

I especially liked this little corner

And this waiter gave me the best service

Plus I did have this whole long table all to myself

But I walked out of the restaurant thinking I could have had a more satisfying meal
a few doors down at a fraction of the price.

Honmura An: 7-14-18 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81 3 5772 6657

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