Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gindaco 築地銀だこ ♥



I am not really a fan of takoyaki, but this shop suddenly appeared in front of me
on my way back to the hotel




I peeked in at these two young boys diligently cooking octopus balls at midnight and felt that
I needed to be supportive of today's hardworking youth. That, and I was really still hungry after
R.L Waffle Cakes and Gyuutan'ara. He he he.




There were quite a few varieties and I didn't know what to choose. After all, I was 
just there to show my support. ;P




 The boy pointed at this photo when I asked him which was the most おいしい .
"Oishii, this or this or this or this or this or this or this?" These were my most repeated
words the whole Tokyo trip. Lol. 




I believe this was Gindaco's bestseller, the Original Takoyaki




The balls were crisp outside and very wet and gooey inside




Each ball also contained a chunk of octopus - the "tako" in the takoyaki.

I finished all four balls just to show encouragement. But honestly, I am still not a fan.


Gindaco 築地銀だこ has more than 160 locations in and around Tokyo.

Gindaco Website

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