Saturday, July 12, 2014

j.s. pancake cafe ♥ ♥



While exploring the little town of Shimokita (see post here), I chanced upon this
cute little pancake cafe 




The window told me that the pancakes here are fluffy and moist. I like fluffy and moist.




And I like cozy little cafes




But I do not like to wait in line when there is a whole new town waiting to be discovered




So I opted for take-out. The line moved faster.




 Spotted on the counter: Tansan bottled water!




Of course I had to try the "new style pancake"




They wrapped it so nicely, probably assuming I would eat it when I get home. 
You see, in Japan, you do not walk and eat. You find a place, sit down, and eat with
proper etiquette.  




But when life throws me a pancake pie, I throw etiquette out the window




I had flakes and powdered sugar all over my top. SHAMELESS, I KNOW.
The pasty was light and extremely crisp, the custard light and fluffy, everything was light -
even the flavors. I imagined Mom would really love this, but I wished hard that it would
rain maple syrup.

(Yes, the pancake was moist and fluffy as the window promised.)


j.s. pancake cafe: 2 Chome 26-20 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 
東京都世田谷区下北沢2-26-20 1F 

j.s. pancake cafe Website

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