Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sir Run Run Shaw


This morning I received a text from Hong Kong that my former boss, Sir Run Run Shaw, has passed away.

He was 107 years old. 

My heart felt heavy and my eyes welled up as I said a prayer for his soul. 

I will always remember Sir Run Run as the jolly, big-hearted man that he was, never without a smile. During afternoon tea Sundays at the Peninsula, he would reminisce about his visits to the Philippines, his eyes twinkling as he recounted his stay at the beautiful Manila Hotel and his unforgettable calesa rides. 

Ironically, my most unforgettable rides were in his Bentley and Rolls Royce. 

He walked whenever he could and refused to carry a cane even at 102. He was grateful for his strength and always reminded me that health is wealth.

Sir Run Run lived simply and helped extravagantly. He built schools, universities, hospitals, theaters, libraries, museums, and gymnasiums. 

He also founded the Shaw Prize, an annual award honoring individuals in the fields of Astronomy, Life Sciences and Medicine, and Mathematics. I am privileged to be part of the event every year since 2006. (Read about The Shaw Prize Awarding Ceremonies here, herehere, and here.)

Sir Run Run would demonstrate to me his daily tai chi exercises and urged me to do the same every morning and before bed. "For long life."

Indeed, he lived a very long, very meaningful life. And will continue to live in our hearts and in the hearts of the millions of people whose lives he has touched.


IMG 0690

With Sir Run Run, Auntie Mona and Ritchie 

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