Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Recess by Chef Chris ♥ ♥


Panizzas are my choice of carbs. (Along with cakes, pastries, pastas, paellas, fries, hopia and mamon.)

I follow Chef Chris Locher wherever he goes, from C' Italian in Pampanga to My Kitchen in Paco...



And now to Recess in Makati. He makes the best roll-up pizzas. Period.




 The young owners named the restaurant after their favorite subject in school - recess (lol!) - and 
designed the place to look like a campus complete with lockers, wooden chairs, blackboards...




And stuff you find on a periodic table hanging from the ceiling. I suddenly felt like a fossil. 
High school seemed like a bazillion years ago. Wahhh.


BUT I am extremely happy to be in 2014. We only had 3M pizza pies 20 years ago. 

Therefore, I rejoiced in the glorious panizzas.



Platinum - tomato infused cheese sauce topped with angus burger, bacon, pineapple
and mushrooms




Titanium - roast lamb and lemon pepper seasoned shrimp with grilled red beets and feta cheese




They came with alfalfa and my favorite arugula




Drizzle some chili oil and roll them up like this. Yum!




Classic Swiss Raclette with boiled marbled potatoes, pearl onions, gherkins and crusty
farmers bread - this was so addicting I swear I could have finished the whole pan on my 
own, but I had competition. Hello, Jill and Auntie Judy!




Carolina Style Barbecued Mustard Lamb Ribs - the lamb ribs are my favorite at My Kitchen 
(see post here) so I was curious to try Recess' version. Tasted wonderful except they had
more fat than meat on them. We wiped out the baked beans instead. Lol. 




Creole Style Catfish - nicely fried and perfect with the shrimp gravy and buttered rice




US Farmers Steak




It was tough.




Fried Chicken and Waffle - this photo doesn't do justice to how huge the serving was.
It was monstrous! Nobody dared touch it, except the one who loves to eat.
The chicken was juicy and tender, but what I enjoyed more was the waffle.
With loads of maple syrup. 




Spaghetti Varena with anchovies, salmon, rapini, broccoli flowers, mushrooms, asparagus. 
The salmon was fishy. 




Slow Braised Lamb Shank Madras Style




Which came with coconut rice pilaf with raisins, pine nuts, and garlic glazed greens



Nobody was able to solve the math problem on the placemat so we had to pay for this dessert. 



Blondie a la Mode - like eating fruitcake, but a crusty one. Not a fan.




Happy to see Chef Chris back in the kitchen!




My Fatherside cousins :)


Recess by Chef Chris: 50 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati. Tel: +632 899-1818, +63917 7264992

Recess by Chef Chris Facebook Page

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