Friday, May 4, 2012

Shaw Prize Award Presentation Ceremony 2011


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The Shaw Prize Award Ceremony is held annually at the Hong Kong Cultural and Exhibition Center.
(To know more about The Shaw Prize and what it does, check out my post on last year's event
For those of you who are too lazy, well, let's just say The Shaw Prize is the Nobel Prize of the East. 



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At exactly 7:15pm, the doors open



IMG 1724

The Grand Hall



IMG 1732

Every year, Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang graces the event



I am very thankful for the opportunity to personally meet the Shaw Laureates and their families year after year. The laureates are intelligent, kind and wonderful gentlemen. I beamed with so much pride as each of them went on stage to claim his award.

The Shaw Laureates 2011:


IMG 1750

Shaw Laureate in Astronomy, Dr. Enrico Costa



IMG 1752

Shaw Laureate in Astronomy, Professor Gerald Fishman



IMG 1753

Shaw Laureate in Life Science and Medicine, Professor Jules Hoffman



IMG 1755

Shaw Laureate in Life Science and Medicine, Professor Ruslan Medzhitov



IMG 1756

Shaw Laureate in Life Science and Medicine, Professor Bruce Beutler



IMG 1810

Shaw Laureates in Mathematics, Professors Demetrios Christodoulou and Richard Hamilton



IMG 1757

After the awards were presented... 



IMG 1722

… dinner was served



IMG 1777




IMG 1785

 Crustacean Variation: Royale with Marine Crab, Molecular Caviar on Lobster and Avocado, 
Taro Dumpling filled with Diced Chicken



IMG 1795

 Double Boiled Abalone Soup in a King Coconut



IMG 1797

Veal Wellington, Baked Halibut with Crustacean Mix, Saffron Sauce, Pomme Gratin, Vegetables Medley



Dessert was Quark Cheesecake, Sphere of Rosy Chocolate Bavaroise, Orange and Candied Ginger Parfait and Lemongrass Gelato.

I was working and had to skip the most important course.


BUT I got to take a few photos for souvenir.


IMG 1809

Me with the Beutler Boys



IMG 1717

Me with the beautiful ladies



IMG 1734

My boss, Sir Run Run Shaw, still arresting as ever at 105 years old



For more information about The Shaw Prize, please visit their website at

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