Friday, October 22, 2010

The Shaw Prize Award Presentation Ceremony


Every year the Shaw Prize Foundation gives recognition to individuals who have achieved excellence and made outstanding contributions in the fields of Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, and Mathematics. And every year at the start of autumn, the Shaw Prize winners and their families fly across the globe to Hong Kong for the Shaw Prize Award Presentation.


IMG_0654 September 28, 2010


IMG_0655 Grand Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center


The award, a medal with the portrait of Sir Run Run Shaw with “The Shaw Prize” next to it, is presented to each of the Shaw Prize winners by none other than the Hong Kong Chief Executive himself, Mr. Donald Tsang. 

IMG_0647The gentlemen getting ready for the walk-in
CE Aid, HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang, Sir Run Run Shaw, winners of the Shaw Prize in Astronomy: Professor Bennett, Professor Page, and Professor Spergel,
winner of the Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine: Professor Julius,
and winner of the Shaw Prize in Mathematics: Professor Bourgain


IMG_0649That’s Sir Run Run Shaw, now 103 years old, the legendary movie mogul, the media magnate, the great philanthropist, my idol, and the most admirable person in the world.


IMG_0695 The head table centerpiece


IMG_0659 The souvenirs – TVBuddy figurines and TVBuddy mugs


IMG_0665They’re made from swarovski crystal!


And the food, year after year, gets better and better.

IMG_0661 Breads


IMG_0669Crustacean Variation: Royale with Marine Crab, Molecular Caviar on Lobster and Avocado, Taro Dumpling filled with Diced Chicken


IMG_0680Double Boiled Abalone Soup in a King Coconut


IMG_0685Black Cod Terriyaki and Veal Tagliata, Duchess Potato with Black Truffle, 
Natural Jus with Juniper Berry


IMG_0689 Baked Dates and Shredded Coconut Shortcake, Grand Cru Chocolate Cake,
Tossed Raspberry and Lemongrass Gelato


It totally slipped my mind to take a photo at the Shaw Prize backdrop this year, but here’s one taken with colleagues from the Award Ceremony in 2008.

SNC11892 Miranda, Eda, Lucille, Mr. Keung, Me, Anna, Harkima, Jeannie


And the prize money? It’s nothing much, just One Million Obamadollars.

For EACH science.

Mom, can I be a scientist when I grow up?


To know more about The Shaw Prize, please visit the official website here.

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