Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gwama's 85th Birthday


IMG 2338

Every year we celebrate Gwama's birthday with a vegetarian banquet at Savory Escolta.
The theme is red, pink, hearts, ribbons… and Chinese New Year. Lol! 



IMG 2327

And every year we have the same red and gold cake tower. Promise!
See Gwama's 83rd Birthday here, and 84th Birthday here. This year she turns 85,
and still the same cake! Lol! The most-awaited part of the night for us cousins is
after the blowing of the candles when we fight over the lucky charms
and red ribbons containing our fortunes.  



As always, Auntie Lily prepares a delicious all-vegetarian feast for the Fatterside + guests.

She is getting better and better at this!


IMG 2343

Vegetarian Birthday Noodles (with hot pink quail eggs!)



IMG 2344

Vegetarian Appetizer Sampler - salami, ham, bacon, california maki, and chicken nuggets



IMG 2348

Mock Curry Squid



IMG 2356

Assorted Mushrooms Soup



IMG 2363

Mock Minced Duck in Lettuce Leaf



IMG 2365

Mock Salmon Fillet



IMG 2372

Mock Sweet and Sour Pork



IMG 2404

Mock Eight Treasures Rice



IMG 2352

Savory doesn't have wine glasses so we had to make do with another kind of vessel.
It kinda killed the mood for us so we all ended up drinking fresh buko juice instead.



IMG 2339

Buko toast to our beloved Gwama's health!



IMG 2374

Longevity Buns



IMG 2376




IMG 2398

Almond Jelly Fruit Cocktail



550256 10151451710555185 1906094708 n

Daddy slow dancing with Gwama :)



Gwama's birthday giveaways:

IMG 2370

Buddha bracelets



IMG 2320

Fu Lu Shou Display



IMG 2384

Gwama: "Yeeee!!! Kakatakot! Baka sabog cake ko!!!"



IMG 2390

Now that's more like it! Gwama making her birthday wish :)



IMG 2391

Took a lot of effort to blow out all the candles



IMG 2396

But she got every one of them! Yay!!!



IMG 4762

Happy Happy Birthday, Gwama! You're still as beautiful as ever at 85! :)



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