Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gwama's 84th Birthday


No birthday celebration can get any redder than this.

My Gwama's 84th.

Like last year, like this year.



IMG 9810

Even the cake is same same same.



IMG 9817

Everybody stands up to welcome the celebrant



And then, vegetarian food is served.


IMG 9825

Birthday Noodles



IMG 9826

Cold Cuts



IMG 9828

Tofu with Broccoli



IMG 9831

Mock Buddha Jump Over the Wall



IMG 9832

Mock Tuna Belly



IMG 9834

See, I am not the only one!



IMG 9845

Mock Chicken Nuggets



IMG 9846

Mock Ham and Pineapple



IMG 9850

My favorite Longevity Buns



IMG 9854

We can't wait for Gwama to blow out the candles



IMG 9858

So we can start fighting over these lucky fortune charms



IMG 9860

Ready, set, GO!!!



IMG 9866

Some go for gold coins



IMG 9871

Some go for dollar bills



IMG 9878

Gwama just wants to eat her cake



IMG 9886

She gives out this gold pineapple hanging thing as souvenir. Perfect for Chinese New Year!



IMG 9903

Gwama and her crazy gwandkids



IMG 9913

Diyos ko, Nikko, tama na!!! :P


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