Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spectrum at Fairmont Makati, Revisited ♥ ♥ ♥


And after exactly 21 days I was back at Spectrum, this time for my cousin Florence's 23rd birthday.


IMG 2765

The invite designed by her sister Frances. The theme: Bedazzled.



IMG 2714

And this is us giving our (sorry) best shot at being dazzling. LOL!
We're all t-shirt-shorts-havainnas kind of girls, so dressing up shiny and sparkly like this
was quite a feat! Hopefully with more practice we'll get better someday.
(Or maybe it'll just come naturally when we get to our parents age.)



IMG 2762

See? Gwama and the aunties did a much better job being all glitzy and glittery!



IMG 2665

I love the personalized pen birthday giveaway! For those who don't know, I have a fetish for pens.
I take home pens from hotels, resorts, airlines, restaurants, etc, etc. That's because I lose a lot of
pens, too, so I make sure I always have at least 5 in my bag. Hee hee hee. :P 



IMG 2671

Of course, mine is purple and engraved Jinlovestoeat! :)



Our bottles for the night:

IMG 2674




IMG 2676




IMG 2678




IMG 2679

Read about my favorite stations at Spectrum in my previous post by clicking here



What I ate: 

IMG 2681

Salmon sashimi and yummy yummy rolls!



IMG 2685

Arugula salad with prosciutto, shrimps, sun-dried tomato, feta, parmesan, grilled mango
and sweet corn



IMG 2682

Smoked salmon and capers pizza



IMG 2690

Prawn tandoori 



IMG 2688

Cheeses and bread



IMG 5045

I had a second serving of my favorite mascarpone drizzled with lots and lots of honey!
I'm quite sure in my past life I was Winnie the Pooh! :D



IMG 2694

Berries and mango crepe



IMG 2709

Strawberry and mango mousse, pandan and classic taho shooters



IMG 2712

Flourless chocolate cake, mango coconut mousse, half a giant macaron



IMG 2698

Warm apple pie ala mode



IMG 2700

Black coffee to wash down all that sinful desserts!



IMG 2741

As always, we brought our own cake buffet to a buffet!
Florence's birthday cakes: Costa Brava Ube Cake, The Noodle Bakes Garth Vader,
Purple Oven's Chocolate Campfire, Goldilocks Ube Cheese Cake,
my cousin Nikko's Homemade Choco Pecan Cake.

Hope you had a razzle-dazzle birthday, Flor! :)



Spectrum: Fairmont Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City. Tel: +632 555 9888

Fairmont Makati Website

Fairmont Makati Facebook Page

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