Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gwama’s Vegetarian Birthday at Savory Escolta

And this is why I need a walk-in closet-full of red clothes.

Just in the last 22 days, we wore red for New Year’s Eve, Auntie Kiddie’s Birthday and Mom’s Birthday. And today it’s Gwama’s Birthday. And then it will be Chinese New Year in a few days and then Valentine’s!

Red, Red, Red.

(Just kidding about Valentine’s. I wear black on that day to create illusion of thin. Ha!)


IMG_6057My Gwama at 83. Still healthy, still happy, and still very groovy! Smile
Even her picture is wearing red!


IMG_6080Fatterside cousins in red


IMG_6062Birthday cake in red


IMG_6053Even Hearty is in red!


Every year on Gwama’s birthday, we go vegetarian. I don’t know why because she loves meat. You won’t find these dishes in Savory’s menu. They’re only for us, Savory babies. Smile


IMG_6066Vegetarian Birthday Noodles (of course the quail eggs are red)


IMG_6069Vegetarian Appetizer Platter: Sausage, Spam, Fish Cakes, Tofu Slices, California Maki


IMG_6075髮菜湯 or “Hair Vegetable Soup”
(Not real hair, of course. Eeeww?!?!)


IMG_6083Mashed Taro in Sweet Cream


IMG_6087Vegetarian Ham and Pineapple with Toast


IMG_6092Vegetarian Minced Duck with Peanuts and Lettuce


IMG_6094Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets


IMG_6098Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Fish


IMG_6105Birthday Buns. Aren’t these babies the absolute cutest?


IMG_6109Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail


IMG_6114I get all excited when it’s time to blow the cake because after that we can pull out the
fortune ribbons






IMG_6138 IMG_6128
Gold Monies and A Basket of Eggs


IMG_6147Money God piggy banks as party giveaways


IMG_6152Gwama and Daughters


Gwama and Us


TheOriginal Savory Escolta: 201 Escolta Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila. Tel: +632-242-1443

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