Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year in Chinatown


IMG 2976



Mom has been bugging me to go to Ongpin with her for 3 days now.

She said there are sooooo many nice and interesting things to see as Chinatown prepares for the Chinese New Year. 

That day has arrived. She has turned into Gwama!!! 



IMG 2863

Check out the crowd at Eng Bee Tin. You have to queue just to get in!



IMG 2883

Mountains and mountains of tikoy



IMG 2881

So many flavors - white, brown, muscovado, butterscotch, ube, pandan, sweet corn...



IMG 2873

My favorite in Eng Bee Tin is still their ube hopia. The new custard version is so yummy, too!



IMG 2888

Couldn't resist fresh-off-the-griddle hopia dice from Baker's Fair



IMG 2891

And also a three-peso fresh-off-the-oven pandesal. Hee hee.



IMG 2893

I thought I'd be seeing dragons dancing, but all I saw were horses working :P



The nice and interesting things Mom wanted me to see:


IMG 2878

Lucky charms



IMG 2884

Pineapple wreath



IMG 2877

Bundled palay



IMG 2895

Fruits and vegetables vendor



IMG 2896

Lucky fruit rings



IMG 2897

Vendor of all things lucky



IMG 2898

Charms, coins, trinkets, gold ingots, plastic fruits...



IMG 2901

Lucky cats 



IMG 2903

Money baskets



IMG 2906

More lucky charms



IMG 2908

Kiat kiat plant



IMG 2913




IMG 2918

Palay bundles



IMG 2920




IMG 2938




IMG 2922

Pineapple tower



IMG 2987

Pineapple skyscrapers



IMG 2927

Fu Lu Shou



IMG 2928

Money pouches



IMG 2936

Welcome plant to welcome the new year



IMG 2939




IMG 2947

Lucky display items



IMG 2953

Fish jello from Diao Eng Chay



IMG 2954

More welcome plants with blue and green stones, said to be the lucky colors 
of the Year of the Snake 



IMG 2955

Ribboned fruits



IMG 2957

OMG! I didn't know Mom is so famous in Chinatown! She is first name basis with everyone!
They are all her sukis!



IMG 2961

More golds and reds



IMG 2963

People getting confused with all the choices



IMG 2965

I find this pechay bracelet kinda cute :)



IMG 2971

This guy, too! I want to pinch those cheeks!



IMG 2912

My favorite finds are these giant lollipops. Totally un-Chinese-New-Year-related, but
I love my sweets! 



IMG 2986

Stopped by President Teahouse for a light merienda before going home



IMG 2979

When in Chinatown, Mom does as the Chinese do. That means having her own dishwashing
station at our table. She pours some hot tea on our plates, spoons, and forks.



IMG 2980

Empties the liquid into an extra tea cup.
She makes sure to put the cup away so she won't accidentally drink from it. Lol!



IMG 2978

Then she wipes dry everything with her own tissue



IMG 2984

Hay salamat, pwede na kumain.

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