Tuesday, August 2, 2011

World Eats at The Podium


And what a nice Friday afternoon surprise. I went to The Podium to shop for clothes because 98% of what I own do not fit me anymore. I’m serious. 98%.

When I landed on the second floor this was what greeted me:


Ayayay! Temptation, temptation!


World Eats. Feel free to come in. COME EAT WITH US. 
How does one say no to that???


I tried to stay away, I swear to God I did. But in the end good manners prevailed. After all, it would be rude not to say hello to Poch and JJ. (yeah, yeah)


Hello JJ! Hello Poch! Smile


Pinoy Eats World is a company formed by a group of food enthusiasts who organize food tours, guerilla dinners, theme dinners and food+art dinners which they creatively call
{f.}+ART dinners. The Podium wanted some action in the mall and called the PEW team
to the rescue. I always love some chewing action. I hope this is gonna be a regular thing.


The vendors and their products:

Of course, Pinoy Eats World
That’s Marfee, PEW’s co-lead for tours and whom JJ calls the Turkish Delight (more info here)

They sell bottled Navotas Patis

Sukang Sasa

pinoy eats worldAnd these cool t-shirts



Organic Manila – vegetables, herbs, vegetables, herbs…



Soul Food to Go. Call them at 09052421745.

Beef Kalitiran. Bring on the rice!





manolo's Paella Negra      



carmen's best ice creamCarmen’s Best Ice Cream
That’s Carmen’s aunt on the right, holding bottles of Holly’s fresh milk, milked from
specially-bred Holstein-Sahiwal cows imported all the way from New Zealand

carmen's best ice creamAnd that’s Carmen’s dad holding a pint of Rocky Road ice cream. 
Carmen’s Best Ice Cream is made from Holly’s fresh cow milk, again, milked from
specially-bred Holstein-Sahiwal cows imported all the way from New Zealand (hehe)

I want to try Malted Milk, Rocky Road, Cheese, Salted Caramel, and Spanish Turon



Risa Chocolates

Their dark chocolate truffle is my favorite!



little miss OC's kitchenLittle Miss OC’s Kitchen
That’s Little Miss OC herself, the beautiful Aleth Ocampo

little miss OC's kitchenPlants and Zombies, Angry Birds, Mignons… aren’t they just too cute to eat?

little miss OC's kitchenAnd these bags are too expensive to afford so I’ll just eat them even if they’re too cute to eat

little miss OC's kitchenAssorted Terra Chips with Eggplant Jam, Tinapa Pate,
and Chicken Liver Pate with Mango Confit


And my best food discovery of the week…

Drumrolls, please!


little miss OC's kitchenGhirardelli Choco Chunk Cookies with Pink Sea Salt, it’s OMG the best cookie ever!!!
Thank you, Namee, for sharing with me your stash Smile

Do you see the pretty pink specks? The play of salty and sweet teases my palate.
It assaults me, and then spoils me. Every bite makes me drool in my mouth.

little miss OC's kitchenAll the good things in life packed in one delicious cookie. Thank you, Jesus!



Zenyu Eco Spa

Zenyu sells this plastic bag that can keep your food fresh for an extended period of time.
It’s good for fruits and veggies, although I don’t think I’ll ever be needing this for
Little Miss OC’s chocolate cookies.


Remember when I said 98% of my clothes don’t fit anymore?

Well, to the remaining 2%, I bid you farewell.


World Eats will be at The Podium again on August 12-14, 11am-10pm. Don’t miss it this time!

Pinoy Eats World: Email info@pinoyeatsworld.com or call +63917 804 4433

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