Saturday, March 12, 2011

Banaue-Sagada Trip: Coming Home


It is 8:30pm, we are dead tired from a whole day of climbing, our bodies are sore and limbs aching. But at least there is no more trace of bat poo on our skin.

We get into the comfort of our own van and start the 9-hour road trip back to Manila.


IMG_9426We sleep like babies through rain and fog


jollibeeAnd wake up only when we see a friendly face


jollibeeAnd food. Dinner is at 9:50pm at Jollibee Solano.


IMG_9442Jamie and Frances have the Crispy Chicken Burger


jollibee chicken joyNikko has the 2-piece Spicy ChickenJoy meal


jollibee chicken joyI have a 2-piece Original ChickenJoy meal


jollibee palabokAND a palabok, hihihi!




We sleep and wake up again in time for our 1:30am midnight snack.


IMG_9462There is a whole strip of eateries at Shell Station, San Jose


arroz caldoWe order Arroz Caldo from McMorris Eatery


balutAnd balut from Josie’s Eatery. Our knees need these desperately.


balutWe drink the soup


balutThen eat the chick (Sorry, little thing!)


IMG_9453We order hot water and make our own hot chocolate. Yum.


IMG_9452Oreo, Frances, Jamie, Me, Nikko


IMG_0173Then finally, at 6 in the morning, we are home sweet home


This kind of Banaue-Sagada torture trip, NEVER AGAIN!!!


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