Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Banaue-Sagada Trip: Getting There


And this is why I am hopelessly fat.

Even before we hit the road, I am already devouring our snacks for the trip.


royce chocolatesAt 10:15pm, we arrive at Frances’ house and snack on a box of Royce Chocolates.
I snack, they watch.


We leave at 10:40pm, get comfortable in the van, chat, nap and stop over for food.


shell selectFirst stop: Shell Select, Cabanatuan City


IMG_8673This place is nice. I am quite impressed.


IMG_8670There’s a mini park with trees, tables and chairs (Hello, Oreo!)


IMG_8720Complete with a mini fountain, too (Guys, PLEASE! DO NOT LITTER!)


IMG_8676People buy beer from Select and have a party here


IMG_8717Cars are parked and there’s some good music playing.
These guys even have their own Coleman of beer.


IMG_8702We bring our own snack of Tuna with Kesong Puti Pandesal, homemade by Frances


bola bola siopaoAnd buy a Shell Select bola-bola siopao


IMG_8693And cups of coffee and hot Milo


IMG_8681We spy some all dressed up high school kids hoarding beer.
(They are totally weirded out when I ask to take their photo)


tanduay iceCounting beer money


IMG_8706Their dates


IMG_8707Ahhh… why does prom night feel like centuries ago?


IMG_8712More prom-goers arriving in style


The sky is clear, the night breeze is cool, and my favorite chill out music is playing in the background.

Really, I can stay here all night.


IMG_8701Too bad all tables are taken so we eat our midnight snack standing by the fountain.
Frances and her son Oreo, Nikko and Jamie



Royce’ Chocolate: Stall 318A, R3 Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-4925051

Shell Station, Cabanatuan City

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