Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Banaue-Sagada Trip: Fairview Inn


fairview inn banaueThis is our home during our 2 nights in Banaue.
And that man in leather jacket is the owner of the place.


Fairview Inn is a very, very, very basic place. It’s got no hairdryer, no coffee maker, no L’Occitane toiletries and no “Do Not Disturb” switches. But as long as there’s hot water and the owner is nice, we ain’t got nothing to complain about.


fairview inn banaueThe reception area


fairview inn banaueThe common area


fairview inn banaueThe common terrace


IMG_8744The view from the terrace


We occupy all 4 rooms on the ground floor.

fairview inn banaueNikko and I share the purple room


IMG_8728This is our bathroom. It’s got balde and tabo!


IMG_8735Our “bodyguard” RR has the green room. His toilet is connected to ours, but Nikko and I lock him out. Ha!


IMG_8730This is the brown room. Frances, Jamie and Oreo share the double bed on the right while Oreo’s yaya Jenny gets the single bed on the left.


IMG_8778This is their bathroom


IMG_8733Our driver Jeff gets the pink room


IMG_8734This is his bathroom, which he shares with RR.
And look how convenient, they can sit on the bowl while taking a bath.


IMG_8740More rooms upstairs


IMG_8739Towels, mini Safeguard bar soap and coreless toilet paper


IMG_8749Our snacks, hehe!


IMG_8753Our drinks, hehe!


IMG_8777I am liking our room key very much


Fairview Inn: Ilogue, Tam-an, Banaue, Ifugao Province, Philippines. Tel: +63-74-3864002

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