Thursday, March 3, 2011

Banaue-Sagada Trip: Day 1


After 8 hours-something-something on the road (including our gastronomic stopover at Shell Station), by 7am we finally arrive at Fairview Inn, our home in Banaue for the next couple of days.

We arrive starving.

So we drop off our bags and search the area for food to keep us sane.


L1070263Hidden Valley Restaurant is a 5-minute walk down the road


L1070235There’s a dining area and souvenir shop on the ground floor


IMG_8757And more dining space on the second floor


IMG_8758View from the restaurant


IMG_8767 IMG_8769
                Longganisa with egg and rice                              Daing na bangus with egg and rice


IMG_8771 IMG_8764
             Ham omelet with grated cheese                                               Coffee and tea


IMG_8773Now we’re happy and ready to face the day


IMG_8784The drive to Hapao Rice Terraces takes about 1.5 hours


L1070279But no worries, although very bumpy at times, it is quite a scenic drive


L1070271See what I mean?


IMG_8806We reach the Hungduan Information Center in exactly 1 hour.
Here in the mountains, everywhere you go, you need to register, register, and register.




L1070303We continue the journey down and stop at this viewpoint for photo ops


L1070323View to my left


IMG_1212View to my left-left


IMG_1226Jamie and Frances having fun with their Ifugao costumes and walking sticks


L1070341Because I’m too fat the cloth is unusually short, the vendor had to use a laundry clip on me


(Trivia: red skirts are for the rich, black skirts are for the poor. I’m poor, so what?)


IMG_1264Oreo gets to be an Ifugao, too


IMG_8823To support the locals, we buy bags of red rice


L1070326Hitching is a very common practice in this part of the world. Without your consent, people suddenly climb atop your rented jeep. Don’t worry, they’re harmless. And very patient. These three guys wait in silence while we take gazillion photos.


L1070363I don’t know what devil possessed us to ride in this little cage


IMG_8865It is used to transport sacks of rice, cement, and other heavy things (like these two people sitting in it)


IMG_8882It is not really as extreme and exciting as it seems. For a bit more thrill, do what I do and look down the whole duration of the ride. Wheeee!!!


L1070377View from the cage


L1070384Another view from the cage


And then we start the leg-shaking descent to the Hapao Rice Terraces.

IMG_1304Look at how high the steps are! That’s Nikko with our entourage.


IMG_8887Jamie. And more stairs.


L1070415And even more stairs. Frances cries, “Waaaaaaahhhh!!!”


L1070416The place is so peaceful


L1070419So serene


L1070439And the narrow trail so scary to walk on!


L1070435Magtanim ay di biro, maghapon nakayuko…


IMG_8896Our tour guide Nora explains that the reddish color of the plant scares away bad vibes like rats and pests. I call it the scarecrow plant.


L1070434Didn’t know snail eggs are so pink and pretty


IMG_8890This is our guide Nora, who claims that she is an FBI. Fully Blooded Ifugao.
You may contact her at 09202787326.


IMG_8892A bit more balancing skills put into use and then we’re off to lunch


IMG_8904We walk by a stream, the water looks so refreshing


IMG_8905Check out the makeshift bridge. If I have to cross it, I will probably fall and die.


IMG_8907Lunch is at Giovanni’s Resort and Restaurant


 IMG_8909 IMG_8915
                                 Some soup                                                                             Bananas


IMG_8912 IMG_8914
         Fried porkchop, chop suey and rice                        Fried chicken, chop suey and rice


IMG_8910And our own baon, SkyFlakes and Connie’s Kitchen Artichoke and Spinach Spread. Yum!


IMG_8919We are the happiest when we’re eating


IMG_8920We climb back up all the stairs at Hapao and also this jeep then we head back to Banaue town proper


L1070520Dinner is at Terrace View Restaurant a few steps down from Fairview Inn


IMG_8928It’s a quaint little place


IMG_8930 that serves simple fare


IMG_8934The centerpiece is resourcefulness.


IMG_8935 IMG_8937
                      Chicken Curry – good                                                    Fried Chicken – great


IMG_8940 IMG_8941
                         Pork Afritada – tough                                                  Pork Adobo – tougher


IMG_8943 IMG_8946
                     Pansit Canton – too salty                                      Fish Sinigang – broccoli, really?


L1070546After a day full of stairs, we are hungry as hell


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