Monday, March 14, 2011

La Scala Café ♥ ♥


la scala cafe


It is that little place in Malate filled with knick knacks and memorabilia.


 IMG_0332 jukebox microphone IMG_0331
It feels as if I’ve gone back through time


galleon dragon
                                    Galleon                                                                                 Dragon


_MG_6318 coca cola bottles 
                                     Gollum                                                                          Coke Bottles


_MG_6314 _MG_6315
                                    Monies                                                                          More Monies


IMG_0329Old records, magazines and Hello, Cliff Richard!


superman christopher reevesSuperman


     _MG_6304  batman 
                       Algaeman? Policeman?                                                           Batman


     IMG_0328  mao zedong
                                      Spiderman                                                                And Chairman


the last supperCelebrity Last Supper


They’ve got everyone. You name him, they’ve got him!


nora aunor and sharon cuneta lea salonga
         Even Nora Aunor and Sharon Cuneta                         And my favorite, Lea Salonga


But anyone can easily see the owner’s number one favorite is Elvis Presley.

    elvis presley  elvis presleyelvis presley elvis presley
“Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you…”


elvis presleyThe owner Crispin (3rd from left) is a true Elvis die-hard


IMG_0345Orchestra Room


IMG_0336Everyone is busy watching CNN’s coverage of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake.
Please say a prayer for Japan.


IMG_0349Auntie Natalie, Me, and Crispin – the brainchild behind all this vintage cool


We celebrate our cousin Archie’s birthday by overdosing on food. Again.


IMG_0348But first, check out the plates. Ooohhh. Aaahhh.


IMG_0358Even the utensils reek of nostalgia


garlic breadGarlic Bread


IMG_0378Mexican Platter – go for the quesadilla and the bold-flavored salsa


IMG_0394Seafood Platter – everything is tender. Only lacking is dipping sauce and lemon.


IMG_0396Baked Penne – cheesy and creamy


meatball spaghettiSpaghetti Meatballs – like the spaghetti, not the meatballs


lamb salpicaoLamb Salpicado – tough but tasty


beef salpicaoBeef Salpicao – tough but tasty


lamb kalderetaLamb Kaldereta (compliments of the owner) – tender and flavorful. Thank you, Crispin!


crispy pataCrispy Pata – meat is soft but needs more flavor


paella valencianaPaella Valenciana


paella negraPaella Negra


IMG_0450Playing around with my camera’s fisheye function
(I love it because we all look thinner!)


IMG_0375Party giveaways: breads, breads, breads from Hearts and Flours


IMG_0464Gwama getting a head start “shopping”


IMG_0466Archie’s birthday cakes (clockwise from top): Goldilocks Chocolate Cake compliments of 
La Scala Café, Hearts and Flours Black Forest Cake, Purple Oven Chocolate Cake (YUM!), Purple Oven Blueberry Cheesecake


IMG_0470Gwama + The Chiang Family
Happy Birthday, Handsome! Winking smile


La Scala Café: 2nd Floor, Stargate Building, 1711 M. Adriatico Street corner Malvar Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-400-6938, +632-303-6789, +63 917 8063788

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