Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Café Ilang-Ilang, A Third and Fourth Time ♥ ♥ ♥


How many big buffet meals can you eat in a day?

I can do TWO.

Now come on, Greatest Eaters of the World, I dare you to beat that!




On January 31, I come to Café Ilang-Ilang (and here’s a second post) during lunch for the restaurant’s Grand Launch.

Because I have another lunch appointment waiting for me, and because I am having dinner here tonight with family (50% discount coupon last day today), the plan is to come, say hello to people, take photos, and go.


IMG_7304Seafoods and salads and Ahia Emil (Hi!)


IMG_7325Happy people at the Korean Station


IMG_7355Kimonos and Japanese pose at the Japanese Station (FYI, I did not ask him to do the pose)


IMG_7340Pretty Filipina at the Filipino Station




IMG_7328Red cheongsam and tikoy at the Chinese Station


IMG_7329Chinese Duckssssssss


IMG_7341Breads, dips and friendly smiles at the Indian Station


IMG_7352Antipasti and Julietta (?) at the Italian Station


IMG_7354The Quattro Formaggi is my favorite


IMG_7394I love that there is fresh garlic (yummy on pizza and on everything else) along with the
red pepper flakes


IMG_7334True blue cowboy at the Grilling Station


IMG_7428Chef Mac at helm of the Dessert Station


But you know, with me being so thin and frail, going around the place and taking photos with my super heavy and chunky S95 proves such a tedious and calorie-consuming task that by the time I finish, I am dying of hunger.  (No violent reactions, thank you very much!)


My lunch plates:

IMG_7357Salmon sashimi, California maki, salad with lobster, bacon bits and seeds drizzled with
cranberry sauce, assorted cheeses, dried cranberries, walnuts, pumpernickel


IMG_7365Chap chae, spicy beansprouts, beef bulgogi, kimchi, Korean rice


IMG_7367Grilled Korean beef ribs


IMG_7373Opera cake, chocolate pistachio cookie, chilled mango sago, Engadine walnut tartlet,
some sticky rice dessert that I really, really love


IMG_7376Tiramisu, ube roll and café latte


IMG_7319Guess who I bump into during lunch!
I am a fan of Fran of Frannywanny (louder and faster, tongue twister time!!!)


After 3 hours of siesta, I am back again for dinner.

IMG_7400Last day of 50% discount coupon = Everybody in panic-eating mode


IMG_7388The whole Binondo is here in Café Ilang-Ilang!


Dinner plates:

IMG_7453Salmon sashimi


IMG_7404Pizzas smothered with fresh garlic, assorted terrines, smoked salmon, baked beef penne


IMG_7411Pizza smothered in fresh garlic then smothered again with chicken liver terrine. Yum.


IMG_7422Seafood spaghetti


IMG_7409This is Dad eating healthy


IMG_7405This is him throwing away all his efforts at eating healthy


IMG_7420And I know why he cannot resist. Café Ilang-Ilang’s grilled lamb chops and steaks are mouthwateringly tender and tasty.


IMG_7417Korean beef ribs, again, again and again!


IMG_7429Gianduja, strawberry and tiramisu gelatos. Love the ferrero-flavored one the very best.


IMG_7442Mango crepe with vanilla cream and chocolate sauce


IMG_7467Make sure you try this strawberry dessert. So sweet, so tart, and so creamy.


IMG_7469Uncle Rolly just can’t get enough of these delectable walnut tartlets. Like uncle, like niece!


IMG_7477The Fatterside (incomplete cast)


16 people at 50% off. We made P13,xxx in savings today!

And this is why I am never going to be a good financial advisor.


Café Ilang-Ilang: Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-527-0011

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